Do you have limited time on your hands but still want to make money with the blog you’re accessing every day? Then a good thing is to start thinking of ways to use your blog to make that money. There are various ways you can generate income even while you’re asleep or away from your computer. This article shows you five of the most efficient techniques used to monetize blogs.

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Best Way To Monetize New Site

Head over to SocialSpark and sign up. Even new sites can quickly make $20,000 USD per year using this technique – there’s no magic trick involved. All you have to do is to start a website and then include some sponsored posts. This works extremely well on “general” blogs that do not focus on a niche but report about a lot of different things. 

2 Pay-Per-Click

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Pay-per-click advertisement is probably the most often employed method. It involves links to advertisers who decide that you’re a good catch. What you need to do is place that link on your blog and make sure it appears in a place where it can be seen. You can start with Google Adsense, which many consider to be the most reliable source, but there are many other options out there. Just search the net and you’ll find them.

3 Affiliate marketing

Top contender:

Also based on links (what else?), this is the kind of method you normally see on Amazon and the likes of it. It implies income earned from recommendations you make to products or services sold by the affiliate you team up with. You can place these recommendations on your blog in creative ways, so as to answer the demands of your usual visitors, rather than making it look like blatant advertising.

4 Paid reviews

There are sites that pay for reviews written to their products or services. Once again, the price depends on what’s on offer and what you can negotiate (if negotiation is possible). A good place to start may be a site that makes it possible for you to connect to companies interested in such reviews. One such place is Sponsored Reviews, but as usual, there are many more on the net. Once again, it’s a matter of searching and finding the right partner.

5 In-text ads

Top contender:

This is an excellent method for those who spend significant time on their blogs (daily presence is good). What you do in this case is incorporate keywords into your own text. Those keywords get underlined and transformed into links. And you know what links do: they send the visitor to a site where they can purchase something or do other things similar in nature. You need to be clever about the whole business, making sure you let the content drive the show, rather than building everything around the link.

6 Sell your own stuff

You can easily outsource your own product on sites like

What can be more fulfilling and risk-free than selling the merchandise you have created yourself? If you have managed to build a brand that’s attracting attention, you may be interested in creating artworks carrying the name of your blog. T-shirts, mugs, coasters, you name it: they all have the ability to sell and make you the money you want.


General things to keep in mind

Don’t get too excited. Don’t place too many links on your page, or else you’ll give your visitors a different impression about your intentions. Don’t think they won’t turn away from blogs which seem to do nothing but take advantage of their presence. The links you place on your page must be relevant to the orientation of your blog. If they’re not, don’t place them; otherwise you’ll live to see the consequences: most visitors hate this. The amount of money you earn depends on what you negotiate with the business you get affiliated to. So judge wisely before choosing your partner. Not only the money counts, but also the reliability of that partner.