I may be going out on a limb here but I doubt it… I feel that anyone with the ability to type can make money online discussing their hobbies. People love to talk about their interests, and starting a blog is easier than ever. In fact, a blog can be started with the first post ready to be typed within minutes.

Let’s go through a real life scenario so you can see for yourself how quick it can be.

1 Get A Faster Start With A Blogger Blog

Blogger.com is a Google property. To launch a blog on blogger requires very few steps. If you already have a Google Account (i.e. a Gmail.com email account) you already have a Blogger account.

While buying a domain and hosting and installing WordPress would be the recommended choice, starting a Blogger blog is marginally faster, plus there is zero cost associated with doing it.

2 Launching A Comic Book Blog on Blogger

My cousin has an abnormal passion for comics and superheros. I say abnormal because he is 38 and has a Spiderman shower curtain and toothbrush. I’m not knocking comic books at all, but the shower curtain is excessive, yeah?

Here are the steps to launch a comic book blog on Blogger.

1. Sign up for, and login to your Gmail.com account.

2. Visit Blogger.com and click the “New Blog” button.

3. Enter a Title and Address for the blog. Optionally pick a theme/template and click the orange “Create blog!” button.

4. You will see a message stating: “Your Blog has been created!” Click the “Start posting” text link.

5. Enter a title for the post, and then post itself, then click the orange “Publish” button at the top right side of the screen.

Now you not only have a blog, but your first post.

3 Use Google AdSense Or A Similar Similar Service To Make Money Fast

It’s easier if you already have a Google AdSense account, but if you need to apply for one still be sure to add about 5 or 6 posts first. Stay consistent with posting, and be sure to post several more times after submitting the application to show you are serious and really want the account.

Google AdSense allows you to add code (which is much easier and automated in Blogger) to show dynamic ads within your content. You get paid each time someone clicks on the ads. There are similar services that provide the same sort of thing. Just search Google for “AdSense alternatives.”

When you are in the dashboard area of the blog, just click on the “Earnings” link from the left hand menu to activate AdSense once you are approved.

Blogger will place your ads in default locations. Click on the “View Blog” button to see where they show up. It might take several minutes after activation to see them but blank spots should be present.

You can change templates or get your hands a little dirty to change placements.

4 Blog About Anything Related To Your Comic Book Hobby And Share The Posts On Social Networks

Any of the things that you do or have that are related to your hobby would make great material for a blog post. Review a new (or old) comic book. Review an entire series, a cartoon, a movie, a TV show, whatever. Talk about the Comic Con. Share your collection. Tell the story about your Spiderman shower curtain. The sky is the limit.

It’s worth learning about Google Suggest or long tail keywords when coming up with post titles, but that’s too much to get into here. Also worth doing is setting up a free Google Plus page for the new blog and tying them together for auto-sharing. Again, a topic out of the scope of this article, although it is very simple to do.