In the last couple of articles, we’ve gone over some ways in which you can get more bids to your auction listings on sites like In the next couple of articles, we’ll talk more about how to write and design these auction listings, to get the best responses possible. Many regular Copywriting rules do still apply here, but there are others that you may not be familiar with, that are also important, which are specific to designing potent website auctions.

Tip #1: Write a Great Auction Title

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What’s the most important part of an e-mail you send out to your list? As many of you already know, it’s the subject line. Why? If the subject line isn’t good, then people don’t even bother opening the e-mail. You’ve lost them before you’ve even begun, and, of course, the same thing applies to your auction listings as well. If you don’t craft a spectacular title for your auction, it’s not going to go anywhere. In previous articles, we’ve talked a bit about how to set up an auction to get more bids, but when it comes to how many bids you get, this one section is more important than all the others combined.

As I mentioned in the previous article, you want to set up the auction to have minimum bid set at $1, and you don’t want a reserve price, and of course, you should let people know this right away. So, put right in your auction title, at the beginning, something like “$1 – NO RESERVE”. This let’s people know right away that there’s the potential for them to get a great deal. As far as the rest of the listing goes, there’s really no “fixed rules”, it really is different for every individual website.

In Copywriting, you want to put your most important information (your biggest, most important benefits) at the top of the listing, and the lesser ones later, toward the bottom. Making an excellent title is no different from this. Look at the biggest benefits to your website, and put those benefits right in the beginning.

For example, let’s say you’re auctioning a site that makes it money from Adsense, the biggest benefits to this site, of course, is the fact that the person doesn’t really need to “do” anything in order to enjoy consistent profits from it. So using words like “auto-pilot” in the title will go a long way. If it’s a site that’s making a lot of money, regardless of whether it’s Adsense or not, mention right in the title how much it’s making. For example: “$1 NO Reserve – Consistent $550 per month income…”.

If your biggest draw to the site is one of it’s assets, such as a list, or a popular product that you’re selling with the site, then make sure people know that before they read anything else. For example, you may be selling a Clickbank product that’s a video series, in cases like this, the main thing you’re offering is the virtual product, which they would then own the rights to, which is typically more valuable than the site itself (even if the site has good copy). So the list, or product should be listed in the title, if those are the biggest draws… “Sells Popular ClickBank Product On Dog Training”. Basically, figure out WHY someone would want to buy your website, and then put that benefit in the listing’s title, so it’s the first thing they see.

Tip #2: Create Trust By Verifying

The next tip, is to make sure to verify all the claims that you make within the listing. Including, and especially, the claims that you made within the title. If you don’t verify these claims, chances are, people aren’t even going to believe them, and if they don’t believe it, then they simply don’t bid. The first thing of course, on Fliipa, is to verify that you actually own the website to begin with, one way to do this, is of course, with a file upload, but there are a few ways in which you can get this done.

The other things that need to be verified, for example, are the sites income, the sites traffic, it’s Page Rank, domain age, etc. While many people simply try to verify these things with images (screenshots), I would recommend actually doing a video, where you go into detail, showing your buyers exactly what they’re getting. Go through and verify how much traffic it’s getting in Google Analytics… show them all the sales it’s produced, or the Adsense income, as the case may be, and of course, show them the Page Rank using a PR checker as well.

When you make claims abou the site, there should be no claim that goes unaccounted for. Verify them all. This will make people feel more secure in their bidding, and therefore, they’ll be willing to put up and risk more money. If you have previously done business on a site like Flippa, and you have prior positive feedback, than great, show them that to.

So far we talked about how to make the proper auction title to ensure that you get the most out of your auction listing. Next, let’s go over a few more tips to ensure that when you put a website up for auction, you get the most money you possibly can out of it.

Tip #3: Create The Potential In The Bidders’ Minds

When people are looking to purchase your site, there’s one main thing they’re going to be looking for, above all… the site’s potential. They want to know, essentially, how much is it making, how much traffic is it getting, and of course, what’s it’s potential? Is the site being under-monetized? Does it have a big list that isn’t really being sold to on a consistent basis?

Does it have a high Page Rank, which can help the person optimize it more easily for the search engines, and so get more free traffic for it? What does it have, that makes it special? Why will it grow? Is it on an upward trend traffic-wise? These are all questions that you can answer, that will help the potential bidder determine whether there is potential for the site or not. If they invest their time and money into it, what will they get out of it? That’s what they need to know.

Tip #4: Be Personable and Friendly

As with most copy, it’s imperitive that you write your copy as if you were talking with a friend face to face. If it sounds too “salesy”, people aren’t going to want to do business with you, also, if it sounds too “corporate” and “professional”, people will also not want to do business with you. So even if it’s a more corporate, or professional domain/website, keep it light-hearted, and speak to your bidders directly. Don’t talk to EVERYONE who is reading the auction, just talk to the ONE person who is reading the auction.

For example, instead of saying “Let me ask you guys a question…” it would be better to say, “Let me ask you a question…”. See how different that sounds? It makes people feel special, as if you’re talking to them, and so, you’ll get more of their attention, and of course, in the end, they’ll be much more likely to bid. Friendly beats professional, 100% of the time.

Also, don’t be afraid to list your contact details, or at the very least, an e-mail address. This will make buyers feel safer when dealing with you, as opposed to dealing with some anonymous entity on the internet. Make people feel safe, and confident with who you are, and you’ll have no shortage of people willing to bid on your auction.

Tip #5: Why Are You Selling It?

One question always comes to mind, when people are thinking of buying a website, and that question, which the potential bidders are ALWAYS thinking to themselves, is this: “Well, if this site is so good, then why the heck are you selling it?”. This question absolutely has to be answered, and answered well. “I don’t feel like having it anymore” isn’t an acceptable answer.

You need to have a legitimate either such as: “I was big on this niche, but now I’m moving out of it, in exchange for another niche”, or “I’m looking to acquire some seed money, for some other projects”, or even, “I lost my job and need the cash”. Really, anything that eplains to the bidders why you would rather have the cash, than have the asset. This question is inherent in any auciton, because people naturally assume that if you’re selling it, there’s a reason for it, and no one wants to get a bad deal.

Tip #6: Spice Up The Offer

If there’s more that you can offer, then that’s even better… What do I mean by this? Well, if you’re fairly technical, and/or know your way around a website, then no problem, why not offer technical support to the winner of the auction? Some people are relatively new to buying and selling website, or to Internet Marketing as a whole, and you offering them your assistance can definitely get you a few extra bidders. Also many people don’t even have a host, or know that they need one, so why not offer to continue hosting the site for them for a specific amount of time. Such as a year, or maybe even just a few months. This extra convenience is very nice, and it’s not that hard for you to provide either, so go for it.

Well, we’ve now talked about 6 different ways you can get more views, more bids, and ultimately, more money for your website. If you put these into practice, you will instantly notice your auctions becoming more popular than they used to be. Use these techniques, and earn more money for each website you put up for auction… it’s really that simple.