Think of the viral potential for each of your posts. Think of it like the snowball effect. You create the snowball and set it in motion. But this snowball needs human interaction to grow. The key thing here is to make the post valuable. It has to be worthwhile to your audience. I hear people brag about the number of “views” they got on a paid Facebook post, but what good is it if the post has no value to your audience and the message doesn’t encourage any actions (likes, shares, clicks, etc.)?

I can share with you the “best practices” for adding Facebook posts, and what has worked for me and other people but truthfully, I feel it’s all a little robotic. I think the organic approach is much better. Besides, what works in one niche (or at one moment in time, or on one specific day at one specific hour) may work for one person (niche, topic, business) and not for another.

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Deliver a Truly Organic Message When YOU Want To, Not When The Gurus Tell You To

You see, what I love about working on the Internet is freedom to “work” when I want. And I am learning that when the “message” I deliver is truly organic, less “work” is needed. And also less overhead expense for automated tools, etc. Just share something when it resonates with you. If you have somewhat clear goals, the Universe IS in synch with you (at least that’s what I believe) and you will feel encouraged and motivated to do what makes sense to meet or exceed those goals.

So, when someone tells you (and I’m guilty of this) to only post images that are of certain dimensions, and only during certain hours on certain days, and only during certain weather conditions (oh wait, the latter is only for choosing the right lure when fishing) think that maybe those people are either a) getting financially compensated for automated tools b) are just believing what someone else is saying and just regurgitating that same message (guilty) or c) found something that works for them *some* of the time and treated it as though it were the “way” for everyone (again, guilty).

My new approach is to do things when it feels right… when there is “something” going on that excites me to create, publish and deliver. This is even if I don’t feel like it on the physical level! That’s the key distinction.

Accelerate and Further the Viral Reach of your Facebook Page Posts

With that said, there are of course simple and smart ways to get (or keep) the snow ball going in order to get your message in front of more people. My approach here is to first share my post on Facebook… whatever it may be. Then, at some point share it to my personal timeline and/or another Facebook page where it may be relevant. I may also embed the FB post into another piece of content I am creating somewhere else on the Web.

Then I wait it out.

Your Post May Need an Initial “Share” to Get The Snow Ball Rolling

The initial “share” may be all the psychological trigger that is needed for someone to do the same, or start interacting with the post in a different way. And then when FB sees that a post is getting some love, it will put it in other positions to see if that love continues on.

And remember that all the love that the post is getting, isn’t a result of tactics or tricks, it is because the post was authentic, has meaning, comes from the heart, and/or has value. After that, when the organic-ness fades, if the ROI makes sense, give FB some money to expand the reach of this individual message some more.