It’s no question that site owners who utilize AdSense want to earn as much as they can from these Google Ads, but sometimes it feels as if progress stops and earnings plateau. Although there are actual ways to increase and optimize your earnings and results from AdSense, which many people aren’t aware of. The following are 5 tips to optimizing AdSense and with a little tweaking of the foundations and experimenting with the different strategies; you should be able to find a method that works for you.

Diversify Text and Image Ads

Since the majority of image ads are paid on a cost-per-impression (CPM) and text ads on a cost-per-click (CPC), authorizing both types of ads to show on your site will increase the different types of inventory that’s being advertised. This also gives AdSense the option of determining which ads will increase your overall earnings. Be sure to choose both text and image ads on your options.

Placement Targeting

There are several placement theories and strategies out there when it comes to your ads, but one of the most important things you can do to optimize this method is to create Custom Channels in your account and choose the Placement Targeting option. This will allow advertisers to bid on more specific ad placements on your site; many advertisers are more inclined to increase their bids for targeted units and this simple tip will expose that.

Increase AdSense Coverage

Fortunately you can do this without having your site look too commercial, which usually isn’t an aesthetic that everyone wants to have. An easy way to increase your earnings is by increasing your ads to a minimum of three AdSense per page as well as three link units. Anything less has a lower probability of engaging visitors. And if you opt for CPM based ads in addition to text ads, you will often be compensated for just showing the ads on your site whether visitors click on them or not.

Utilize Preferred Ad Units

There are actually some ad units that have been tested and proven to access a larger collection of competing ads. When you create more ad inventory it eventually leads to more competition, thus resulting in higher RPMs for AdSense publishers in ad auctions. The following are preferred ad units by advertisers; the Wide Skyscraper (160×600), the Leaderboard (728×90), and the Medium Rectangle (300×250).

Ad Units

Unified Themes for Content and Ads

To improve the overall look and appeal of your site to visitors, customize your ads to seamlessly blend and complement the content and theme of your site. You can do this by removing borders and coordinating colors of ads with the rest of your site. This quick and easy tip will do wonders when it comes to improving users’ experience on your site. Visitors are more likely to browse a little longer and engage more with the contents of your website when you present a unified aesthetic. It only takes a few minutes to apply these strategies to your account settings. Doing so will instantly optimize your ads’ effectiveness and positively affect your overall earnings with AdSense