Whenever someone approaches me about making money online, it’s almost like I am a one trick pony. The first thing that pops into my mind is the need for a web site. Then I discuss the cost of a domain name and a web host, telling them that “shared hosting” out of the gate will suffice. Then I talk about the versatility of WordPress as a content management system and how it can be used for eCommerce, blogging, news, etc.

Then I talk to them about setting up channels, profiles, and pages on various social sites to get more traffic and engage in other communities. Of course I am talking about Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, and so on.

And while I still stand by these methods, there are certainly avenues that I haven’t given much attention to. Avenues that people can take with very little “extra” knowledge and very little money if any.

People are doing surprisingly (or perhaps not so surprising) well creating YouTube videos that are monetized through AdSense.

YouTube monetized video

Attach your YouTube and AdSense Accounts and Turn on Monetization for your Videos

I haven’t applied for AdSense by linking Google to my YouTube channel, and I haven’t helped anyone else do it either, but I imagine it is similar to that of applying for AdSense for blogs. You probably have to have several pieces of existing content before applying.

Then once approved, you can turn on Monetization for all past videos, and continue to turn it on for new ones. Let YouTube be your money making vehicle. You can of course drive traffic from Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ when the time is right, but even just having a YouTube channel with unique, quality, from the heart, content can bring in income.

I’ll share with you a couple different strange niches where I have seen a huge cult following. I know that I do well with AdSense on my videos and I don’t have nearly the views that these videos have. I looked at one that is in excess of 4 million views. In comparison to how I am doing, my guess is he is doing pretty darn good.

My Kids are Big Fans, But I’m Not Sure The Target Audience

How I came across these two niches was purely by accident. When my kids are here we enjoy an hour (sometimes two if it’s raining) of YouTube watching together. I attach the laptop to the TV (via HDMI) and I launch YouTube and we control it from the couch with a cordless keyboard and mouse.

Each of my kids take turns picking a show. Mostly they just pick from the suggested/related videos that show up when one show completes. They are mostly on the same page with what they like to watch so it works out well.

Check out the video below to see a couple of the shows that have them fully engaged. I’ll be honest that I don’t mind watching them either. I don’t think my kids, being 3 and 5, are the intended audience in some of the niches though because I have to turn off some shows where the hosts are dropping F bombs and using aggressive language. But there are some family friendly ones as well.

On a side note, my 5 year old figured out the “Skip Ad” button pretty quickly so it’s difficult to know if these shows are getting the AdSense revenue that I am guessing… but with those views it has to be up there. On occasion though my kids do get engaged in the commercial too and let it play out, and sometimes even click!