If you’re looking for a way to pull in some extra cash while you’re waiting for your latest web project to pay off, you may have considered Fiverr as a place to land some work. $5 doesn’t sound all that appetizing, but the trick is to pick something you can do in an extremely short amount of time, like making a post on your pre-established social media accounts, delivering a pre-written report, or handling a bunch of orders at once using specialized software.

With the right approach, those fives can in fact begin to add up – some people make a full-time income on Fiverr. Let’s look at some steps for getting started.


1. Set Up an Account

First, head over to Fiverr.com to set up your account. In the very upper-right corner, you’ll see a green button that says “join.” This will activate a pop-up, where you can either join using Facebook or enter the details for your new account.

Join Fiverr.png

Simple enough – just follow the instructions for setting up and activating your new account.

If you’re planning to stick with a particular type of service, by the way, think about that when choosing your username. It’s also a good chance to brand yourself – if you want to get clients off the Fiverr platform later, it can be helpful if a quick Google search of your username leads to a website associated with your business.

2. Do Some Research

This is the longest step because it is the most important, by far.

After you activate Fiverr, you’ll be directed to their marketplace, where you’ll see all kinds of gigs offered by other providers. Take some time to do your research before offering your services. Knowing what works for others will give you a huge leg up.

Browse down through the categories or do a search for the exact type of service you’re thinking of offering and sort the listings by “recommended” or “high rating.” Right beside the average star rating for the service, you can see in parentheses how many people have voted that gig up. For example: (1000 +).

Successful Fiverr Gigs.png

Click on the gigs that look popular, and you can also see how many orders are in the queue. A gig with a lot of votes and a bunch of orders stacking up is obviously profitable. So study exactly what they’re doing.

Read the description to see how the seller sells themselves and their expertise. For instance, the idea of doing anything for $5 may have turned you off of the site, but if you read this description below, you can see the writer isn’t writing full articles for $5; they’re writing 100 words for $5.

Huge difference. These are little snippets of text, and the writer aims to make their real money with upsells.

Speaking of which, upsells are where the true potential of Fiverr lies, so be sure to study those too. This writer, for instance, offers a variety of different upsells.

For $50, they write the buyer a 1400 word article. These certainly aren’t top writing rates on the web, but they’re nothing to sneeze at either. And a 1400 word article often takes a good writer about as much time to write as a 1000 word article, so the extra words thrown in for free make little difference on their end.

The writer will also rush the order for an additional $10.

Fiverr Upsells.png

It takes time to qualify for upsells. You have to do a few successful jobs first and win some seniority on the site, but it doesn’t take that many to get your first upsell privilege.

On another note, you’ll notice some really crazy jobs on Fiverr – people who will do just about anything for a buck – and this is what made the site famous. Don’t dismiss them completely. Browsing through crazy gigs can really get your creative juices flowing and make you think of something you hadn’t considered.

3. Create Your first Gig

Creating your first gig on Fiverr is a snap. Go up to the “Start Selling” option in the menu bar and have a click.

Write in a catchy and clear headline for the type of gig you’re willing to offer for $5, and then a great description based on what you learned researching other gigs. Upload some pics (good place for examples) and specify a duration for delivery (be conservative with this at first).

Create Fiverr Gig.png

At the bottom, you’re given an option to include instructions for your buyers. Use this! You can cut down on a ton of back and forth by telling the buyer exactly what you need and answering any questions or concern they may have ahead of time.

4. Upload a Video

The best profiles have video – customers would much rather deal with a real person than an anonymous name behind some account. Use this as an opportunity not just to build credibility but also to talk about the features of your product or service and sell it any way you can. Get creative!

Fiverr Video.png

5. Create Multiple Gigs

Don’t stop with just one gig. If you look at the top-selling providers, one thing you’ll notice is they often have multiple services available. Spread as wide a web as possible. Often, you can pitch the same service over and over to get more exposure by simply rewording it or making it niche-specific.

As a writer, for example, I might have a Fiverr gig for an article about traveling in Thailand, an article about men’s dating, and an article about Internet Marketing. On top of that, I might branch out in other ways – I can create a gig for a blurb, a gig for editing, a gig for a blog post, and a gig for short sales copy.

All of these different gigs give you more exposure, and it also gives you a chance to test out what sells well. You might be surprised.

Multiple Fiverr Gigs.png

6. Exceed Expectations

Watch your account close! You should get an email immediately when someone orders one of your gigs or emails you a questions (which many will do before deciding to purchase), but don’t make them wait too long. In this business, response time is huge! Fiverr doesn’t shut down for the weekend, so if you’re ready to make cash, be alert. Fortunately, you can check your emails from your mobile phone these days to stay connected.

Don’t let the cheap prices on Fiverr tempt you to short-cut customer service. It can become a bad habit that carries over into other areas of your business, and making a bang on each and every job ensures you’ll get raving reviews.

I recommend delivering your service earlier than promised and giving a little something extra, whether that be a longer article than expected, some tips for promoting a video you made, or tweeting their sales page as well as delivering the Facebook likes they paid for. Make it memorable!

7. Solicit Great Feedback

If you over-delivered and fulfilled the order faster than expected, you’ll almost always get great feedback, but don’t wait around for it. Leave raving feedback fro the buyer immediately and they’ll almost feel obligated. If you still don’t get a written feedback, drop them a message asking for one – chances are they just forgot.

Fiverr Feedback.png

There you are – up and running. It may take some time to gain some momentum, as people like to buy from a provider who has been there fro a while, but if you do your research and keep tweaking your gigs as needed, they will begin to add up. Again, $5 is just $5, but between some great upsells, some strategical planning, and dedication to top customer service, Fiverr really can become a steady online income, and a substantial one at that.

Have you offered any services on Fiverr? What was your experience like?