Unless you’ve been sleeping for the past 10 years, you probably know that the regular joe business owner would kill to know what it takes to get more customers using the limitless potential of online marketing.

With all the young computer whizzes out there these days, you’d think it’d be no difficult task to find qualified help in this department, but the truth is that a lot of business owners already feel intimidated by their lack of knowledge. And to compound the problem, many have been scammed by wannabe marketers already.

Offline Marketing
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If you actually have the skills and are looking to pull together some bread for your web project – or even start up an extremely profitable side business – you may be wondering just how to land some of these big juicy clients for yourself.

1. Infiltrate the Local Biz Networking Scene

A lot of offline marketers start at the bottom, hoping to pull a few small-time clients here and there and slowly build up their reputation, but why not go right for the jugular?

Read books like Alan Weiss’s “Million-dollar Consulting” to learn what it takes to be perceived as a true pro, start building a real business presence, and get out in the community networking.

The Chamber of Commerce is probably the best place to start if you want to build a real marketing firm. You can also make your mark at local networking groups, Kiwanis, and Toastmaster’s.
Get in there and tell people what you can do!

2. Direct Mail Campaigns

Online sales campaigns might be all the rave, but direct mail is still pulling in huge figures, and it may be perceived as more legit to someone who isn’t use to conducting online. Showcase your marketing creativity with a bulky mail package right into your prospect’s hands and start reeling them in.

These campaigns can cost, but if you target the right clients, each closed deal can equal tens of thousands of dollars a year.

Direct Mail
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3. Team Up With a Center of Influence

Instead of slow-paced networking, go right for the gold. Determine centers of influence whose current clients could benefit from what you do and introduce yourself.

Examples may include computer tech consultants, web designers, accountants, and lawyers. It’s in their better interest to point clients in the right direction, but perhaps you can win them over by offering to handle their campaigns free if they rave about you to whoever will listen. Then give them results worth raving about!

4. Pro Bonos for Nonprofits

If you decide to start out doing pro bono work to build a portfolio, garner testimonials, and get some word-of-mouth, don’t start with small fish business owners who aren’t taking their own companies seriously. That’s no-man’s land.
Do it the right way. Solicit non-profits who want web marketing or design work done and build your portfolio with them. Most will be happy to scratch your back in return.

Once you’ve got a few under your belt, don’t overlook nonprofits as clients either. Many have very sizable budgets.

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5. Put Your Skills to Use!

A lot of offliners only focus on getting clients from offline sources, and this is somewhat understandable given the suspicious many biz owners have of the industry. But many do it because they don’t have the skills they profess to have.

If you do, put those skills to work and show your clients what you’re made of by overcoming their reservations and getting their attention in the online world. Show your stuff.

Even if you’re still building skills, your own marketing campaigns are a great place to hone them to better serve future customers.So get out there and sell. There’s a lot of money to be made if you’ve got what it takes.