I followed a PDF course awhile back, I think more than three years ago now, and after putting my own spin on it, I managed to created an income stream that still earns me money today. There are many ways to do it, and in this article I will explain exactly how I did it. Feel free to copy verbatim or put your own spin on it.

This approach involves making money online without a web site. Well, technically there is a “web site” involved in the process but the web site doesn’t belong to you or I, it belongs to Google. I’m just referring to the fact, when I say “without a web site,” that we don’t need to buy hosting or a domain name to make this work.

If you get good at it and enjoy the process, I say… rinse and repeat and outsource the boring stuff. Keep in mind though that giving 100% value is of importance here. Share something that you have a passion in and have a unique set of distinctions about and provide some value to the web. Promise? OK, let’s get into it.

chia seeds site header screenshot

Making Money Talking About Chia Seeds

I built the web property in this example case study back when including an exact match key phrase in the URL or domain was important. That has since become less important or not important at all. Your mileage may vary. I have done this with and without exact match key phrases and have seen success with it. And by “success” I’m not suggesting that I am getting rich with this methos, but I have earned a good per hour dollar amount (and rising) for the time put in, plus I have long since made the money back that I spent on outsourcing.

It’s a smart idea to build a web property revolving around a sub-niche or brach-off topic for a current niche that you are in because as a side benefit you can promote your other content.

Let’s Walk Through The Process Now

Below are the steps that I used to setup this little web property. I took care of it all in about an hour or twos time, then I started some backlinking to it for a little while (maybe a month or two slowly). I have since left it alone completely.

Check out the example here: chiaseedssideeffects.blogspot.ca

1. Think of Your Topic Like I said, it’s a good idea to discuss a topic that you are familiar with, and hopefully one that you are a leader (or up and coming) in the niche of, for obvious reasons. Now, crank out one solid article on one very specific niche topic. Give away the farm in this article. Lay down the law and give your stamp of authority. You are the Boss on this topic. People will love you and want to share this content. I hired mine out and failed to meet that mark entirely but that’s the goal for sure to see the best results.

2. Choose a Theme Clearly I am using the blog at blogspot.com (or.ca, whatever – there is some CDN in place there). I specifically chose the theme that I am using because of what it provides. I used that same theme for all the sites that I’ve built.

3. Find a Video to Embed Check YouTube for an existing video that provides value on the same topic. It doesn’t have to answer the same question, but be about the same thing. For example, my topic revolved around the side effects of chia seeds, and the video was a chia seeds recipe. Naturally, embed your own YouTube video in there if you have one. It might be of more value all around to use a video from a YouTube/Google account that is different than the Blogspot/Google account but that’s just theory at this point.

Make the video your first post so that it stays at the bottom.

4. Find an Existing Authority Article Next, locate an article that matches closely the following criteria: timeless, published more than a year ago, has plenty of “engagement.”

Create a new post and copy the article verbatim. If there are hyperlinks in the article, include them as well. Be sure to include the bio box if it exists and keep all links active. Also, be sure to link back to the source. Use an article of your own if you have one.

5. Find Some Q&A on the Topic Check Yahoo! Answers or a similar resource for questions and answers related to the main topic. Create an FAQ type post and paste in the questions and answers. Link to the source question(s) if possible.

6. Repeat Step 4 Follow the same steps for step 4 by finding a new authority article to publish.

7. Publish Your Article Finally, publish your amazing value packed article and you’re done with the blog posts. Your unique content will remain at the top of the site.

8. Link to Authority Sites from the Sidebar As you can see in the example, I linked over to some authority sites from the sidebar that are related to the topic of the site. Pick a handful, maybe 6 and provide a link to the valuable resources.

9. Include an Intro At the top of the example site you will see an introduction to the topic. Just one quick paragraph will do. If targeting a specific keyword, make it the title of the site and include it in the intro paragraph.

10. Monetize the Blog Now you can insert some ads. You can connect it to your AdSense account and have it place AdSense ads throughout the site. You can also embed an Amazon ad within the main post like I did. Remember that all purchases made from Amazon after a customer clicks your link will be credited to you, so don’t sweat it if the cost of the item is trivial. Naturally, for this site I display an ad for a bag of chia seeds. I have another that has a CPA offer included.

11. Build some Backlinks Everyone builds backlinks in their own special way. Set up your plan for backlinking for this blog and proudly link to your awesome article and resource for your chosen topic.