A while ago, I wrote an article or two on a great A/B split testing software known as Optimizely. Optimizely is absolutely fantastic for doing some quick A/B split tests, multi-variate testing, and of course, doing it all without having to know even an ounce of code. Well Optimizely has a nice competitor these days called Unbounce. These two software programs are NOT exactly the same, though, they do share a lot in common. The main goal with each software is essentially the same thing: to make it as easy as possible for people to run A/B split tests without knowing code… or put in another way, to get better converting controls in the shortest time possible. So, which is better at accomplishing this? I don’t know for sure, but, this article will help you to determine which (if either) is the best solution for you.

What I Like About Unbounce…

So, first of all, what is it that appeals to me about Unbounce? Well, first and foremost, is the UI. The User Interface is extremely neat, clean, and frankly, cool-looking too. It not only has a nice UI, but also, all the functionality you’d expect from a program like this. You can quickly and easily change the text within any aspect of the page, change the background color, gradient, smooth out or square off edges on any box, and a whole lot more. You can also move just about any object around the page with extreme ease. That being said, aside from the slightly better UI, this is all pretty much the same stuff you got with Optimizely.


Designing Your Pages…

Where Unbounce really shines, is that it offers pre-made templates for a whole bunch of landing pages, AND, on top of that, it makes it EXTREMELY simple to build entire landing pages from scratch. This is the core feature I found in Unbounce that Optimizely just doesn’t have. Optimizely is solely designed for optimizing your pages as an regular A/B split-testing software, whereas Unbounce on the other hand is designed to not only to run quick A/B split tests easily, but also, to design the pages which are being tested right from the ground up. This can come in very handy.

The way it works is you start a blank project, and then you choose from a wide variety of templates. These templates were actually designed by someone who is a true marketer, and knows all about getting conversions and improving Click-Thru Rate, so you’re not getting templates that were designed by someone who only knows web design and graphic design, and simply makes their landing pages to look pretty, but someone who knows what actually WORKS.

There’s a very wide variety of different types of templates you can pick from depending on what you’re trying to accomplish. But one thing that really stood out for me was how you could make professional looking landing pages extremely quickly… landing pages that actually look like they were done by a pro, even if you don’t know how to write one line of code… and you can do this very, very, quickly. There are plenty of great squeeze pages to choose from, sales letters, pages that are geared specifically towards CTR, and more.

CrazyEgg Integration

This if fantastic because now you can immediately see what’s working on your page with a heat map tool, and what isn’t, and then quickly change it using Optimizely to test out a different variant. It’s REALLY nice to have all three of these tools (Analytics, Heat Map, and Split-testing) all in one place at a time. This obviously gives Optimizely a big thumbs up over Unbounce, but again, Unbounce may be the better solution for you in the end (because while 3rd party integration is important, it isn’t absolutely essential).

Free Resources…

Last but certainly not least, I wanted to briefly mention the free resources that you’ll get with Unbounce. Now, I should mention that these resources can be had with just an opt-in (at the time of this writing), BUT the quality of the resources should give some indication of the quality of the templates designed for building sites and landing pages within Unbounce. If you click on the “Resources” tab which can be found on the main nav bar over at Unbounce.com, you’ll be redirected to a plethora of amazing content (and some infographics; most of which aren’t so great) which can be had for just your e-mail address.

First of all, there’s a whole 30-day course which you can sign up for (again for an opt-in) that teaches you all about improving your landing page conversions. There are eBooks on Conversion Centered Design (CCD), Lead Generation, Landing Page Optimization, and more. There are also free webinars on all sorts of topics from Copywriting to AdWords to A/B Testing Essentials. I couldn’t help but bring this up, as it’s something of an unknown treasure trove of high value information from some excellent authors and webinar hosts… so definitely check it out.

In conclusion, it’s up to you which one you think is better, but I would definitely go with one or the other (instead of neither). This article should help you decide which one is best for you. You can also take Unbounce for a test drive, and use it for free… you’ll see the info for that on their pricing page below the packages they offer. Overall, I’d say Unbounce is probably a bit better for newer marketers, whereas more advanced ones might prefer Optimizely, but it’s really a matter of preference. If the landing page design templates are important to you, then Unbounce is certainly the way to go… if not, then you’ll have to look at some of the other factors to determine which is best.