When you first venture into the online marketing world, it’s easy to get the false idea that the only way to make money online is selling information about making money online. MMO is a very lucrative niche, but it’s also very competitive, and people new to IM, for obvious reasons, aren’t very well-prepared to compete. It’s a major trap that far too many fall into, and it can break your chances of success in the beginning and eventually lead you to giving up the dream completely.

Make Money Online

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If the challenge doesn’t frighten you and you are determined to jump in with the big dogs, it would pay to keep these five important tips in mind.

1. Don’t Ever Fake It

This is easily the biggest mistake a newbie makes when deciding to jump into these waters. Emulation is great a path to success, but that doesn’t mean you should emulate everything the “gurus” are doing to a “t” by making false income claims or writing a fictional biography, for instance.

A few white lies won’t hurt, you assume – after all, you at least know the tactics you’re selling are legit…but are they? Maybe, but maybe your guru is a faker too…how would you feel knowing you were putting down money to be duped?

Faking is not only unethical but often simply doesn’t work and can ruin your reputation online before you even start.

2. Look for Ways to Offer Support

Selling to internet marketers isn’t exactly a bad thing. But think about it from a different angle. What can you sell that won’t require lying or being a fake?

A lot of newbies don’t know how to put together their own website. One way to break into the market would be to take a bit of time to master this and then make a report or video series teaching people how to put a basic site together using simple step-by-step instructions.

This is just one example. Think of all the different ways you could provide value to rookies and veterans alike that would support them in their goals. Look for ways to specialize and use your new specialty to offer products and services that put money in your pocket while helping them get some in theirs.

3. Monetize a Small Success

Instead of jumping right into this market, focus on breaking your first milestone now, in a separate niche, and then monetize each small success.

For instance, you’d be surprised at how many wannabe marketers can’t even figure out how to make their first $10. If you can make $100, or even better, $100 a month, people with less success will pay for that information.

Just don’t hype up your earnings or pretend you’re something you’re not. Make reality your whole approach: “I’m no marketing guru, but I’ve been online for three months without making a dime, and just this week I figured out how to make my first $300 online.” That’s not ground-breaking, but it’s honest and believable, and it can be a good cheap report to sell on the Warrior Forum in hopes to build a list of ultra-newbies you can leverage as you gain more experience.

Which brings up the next tip…

4. Follow Me!

One of the most successful type of campaigns in the ‘Make Money Online’ niche is to document your path from rock bottom to the money. Follow my path to success!

The major caveat with this, however, is that you better be confident in your ability to succeed and consistent with your actions. Believe it or not, making money online isn’t all that hard if you bring the right attitude, but the internet is littered with aspiring entrepreneurs who use this very approach only to give up in a few weeks.

So don’t go this route if you have a history of abandoning blogs and well-intentioned projects.

5. Don’t Skimp

When marketers are your audience, it’s very crucial that you present yourself as a credible marketer, even if you’re only selling support. That means you can’t afford to skimp on things like web design or copywriting – the competition and the customers are way too good at these things for you to make it if you do.

Either put in the necessary time to learn how to do these things right, one step at a time, or outsource the work to pros.

At the end of the day, you’re far better off just staying out of the MMO niche for now. There are plenty of other people to sell to online than those who want to get rich off the Internet, and chances are you have far more experience in other subjects. Are you a great carpenter? Have you run a landscaping business before? Do you have a passion for fashion? For creating trendy clothing?

These other niches often have a far lower barrier to entry than MMO, and the same tactics the gurus advocate work there just as well. Then, once you’ve established that you know what you’re doing, you have a successful formula you can consider selling to others.