The Russian Internet market has been controlled by Yandex almost since the beginning, and its dominiance in the country has helped it succeed. But, a report issued on Tuesday, points to Google gaining on users in Russia, and slowly taking on Yandex for search dominance in that country and region.

In the Morgan Stanley report issued on Tuesday, Google is gaining marketshare over Yandex in Russia. The poll was taken over a 2 year period, and surveyed mobile users in the country. The results were surprising, and shows that Yandex view of the Internet plus Google’s updates could be helping it out.

Google Gaining On Yandex In Russia Per Morgan Stanley Report

Google Gaining In Russia

In the report of mobile users from 2012 to 2014, the survey found that 51 percent of mobile users said that they frequent Google. The same report showed that only 41 percent of users favourite Yandex in that same report. This is surprising considering the number of services offered by Yandex in the country.

One of the main reasons cited for the growth of Google in Russia is the growth of the Android mobile operating system. The report shows that up to 70 percent of mobile phones in Russia run on Android, and Google is the underlying operating system. This means that mobile goes to Google servers and not Yandex.

Google Battles Yandex In Russian Search Traffic In Latest Reports

Desktop Favors Google Too

That same Morgan Stanley report also took a survey of desktop users, and show that 83 percent of desktop computers favored Google in their choice of browsers. 73 percent of users in that survey use and favor Yandex and its desktop browser and offerings to users. This is surprising considering the mobile growth in the country.

This report though does contradict other reports from within the country. Some show that Yandex and its browsers still rule the country, and that Yandex has 59 percent of the market versus Google’s 33 percent. Morgan Stanley’s report though surveyed over 30,000 users and that is a big user poll to report on.

Yandex is slowly losing to Google in Russia we see. What browser do you use in Russia?