Time and content are hurdles that all marketers, webmasters and small business owners face in their social media marketing efforts. The crux of this problem is that content is still king, so this isn’t something that can simply be ignored.

While there’s no magic bullet solution, there are ways to both leverage your time and make your content stand out and be more effective. Getting time back in your day and more out of the content you publish can renew your outlook towards you efforts.

Following these steps will prove that sometimes it’s not about working harder, it’s working smarter.

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Repost Your Content

The most basic thing that can be done with that piece of content is to simply repost it through your social channels. Keep in mind that the amount of content being shared online is mind-boggling, so almost no one is seeing every single piece of content you share, let alone one particular piece you dug up. Post it again — surprisingly, most of the time you’ll get a very similar response as you did the first time.

What almost never happens is what you may be concerned about, which is that someone will call you out on reposting content. Plus, even if someone were to do so, it just means they’re paying close attention to what you publish.

Cross Pollinating Content

A variation on this step is to share this piece of content to a different social network. So if you tweeted it the first time, share it on Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn the second time. This works well if you don’t always post content via all of your social hubs. It’s interesting to see how a responsive piece of content on Twitter will do on the other networks, and vice versa.

The final simple option is to turn your content into another format. By this, I simply mean that if you posted a text status update, put that text on a PowerPoint slide, add a interesting background color and captivating font, export it as an image and post the image. The nice thing about this is that you can get more out of content when it’s an image, since you can reach people via Pinterest and Instagram that didn’t see the text content the first time.

Stay Tuned for Part II

So that’s it… some very simple repurposing of your content that takes barely any time at all. Part II of this article will cover even more options to make the most of your existing content.