If you’re looking to implement a content marketing strategy to generate more traffic to your website yet are challenged by the content creation process, I’ll take a look at a few additional, proven ways to quickly create additional content without much extra work.

Content is in such need, in a fast-paced information overload world, that planning out content can be intimidating. It usually begins to take a toll on your time management, when you don’t have a solid content strategy to combat this challenge.

Even More Ways to Create Content

Repurposing your existing content is a great first step towards getting the most out of your content. While I touched on this in part one of this series, I’d like to elaborate on this further.

It’s a great idea to vary the type of media that you’re posting, since some people will prefer videos, other text articles and some find audio content convenient when they’re on the go. No reason to limit the reach of what you’re creating — start by taking your best pieces and turning it into other formats. If it was an article, create a slide deck in PowerPoint or Keynote that outlines and highlights the points of the article. This slide deck can be exported as a PDF and shared via sites such as SlideShare and Scribd. To take it a step further, narrate out loud and record the presentation along with the slides to create a simple, yet powerful, video that can be shared on YouTube and other video sharing sites.

On the other hand, this can be done the other way if you already have video content or slide decks. Articles can be developed for these existing pieces, then used on your blog or at article directories.

Regardless of the format, be sure to take snippets of the pieces and share those via all of your social networks. This helps alleviate the challenge of updating social profiles frequently. I recommend using a social media management tool, such as Hootsuite, to do this more effectively.

Rebel Against Writer’s Block

Lastly, some people just don’t like to write very much, yet that written content is a necessary element in content marketing. Try using a transcription software, such as Dragon Naturally Speaking, so that you can simply dictate your ideas and turn them into written content. A free alternative is to use Google Voice’s transcription service. While, admittedly, it’s nowhere nearly as accurate as Dragon, it may be easier for you to leave yourself a message, then edit the transcription as you play the audio message back.

Conquering Content Marketing

The bottom line is that most likely you aren’t getting everything you can out of your existing content, so before scrambling for brand new content, repurpose what you have already and think of other creative ways to capture your ideas, beyond just sitting and writing.