First head over to and search for “Webmaster Tools” and click the first result – if you already have a Microsoft account, you can start right away and sign into it to set up the Bing Webmaster Tools and verify ownership of your site

Sign Into Bing Webmaster Tools.png

1 Simply enter your account details

Sign In Form.png

2 Next, it is important to note that you should add only one site: Either or, depending on your site setup. Redirect non-www to www requests is the recommended way and will give you a cookie-free domain, which may help a little to speed up your site

Enter The Url Of A Site To Use The Bing Webmaster Tools With.png

3 As discussed above, I added

Adding Site.png

4 You can from the dropdown select a time when Bing should slow down the crawler because you’re receiving a lot of traffic. Handy, why does Google not add something like it their own Webmaster tools?

5 Scroll down and enter your Name and contact details

When Do You Get The Most Website Traffic.png

6 Next, I would recommend checkin the option “Daily” and “Yes, I would like to receive Bing Webmaster communication” – this will ensure you’ll be immediately notified when issues arise. 

Get Daily Email About Website Issues From Bing Tools.png

7 The easiest method to verify ownership of your site is using FTP. First click the download link to download a file called BingSiteAuth.xml, upload this file to the public_html folder of your website and verify you can access it using the second link

Download Bing Site Auth For Site Verification.png

8 If you’re having trouble with this step, download Filezilla and read one of the dozens tutorial about setting up Filezilla (we’ll publish a walkthrough shortly)

Alternative options to verify a site with Bing Tools is to add a CNAME to your DNS or to add a meta tag – both are more complicated for beginners and we recommend getting used to FTP first

Verify Upload.png

9 After confirming that you have uploaded the file correctly, click Verify and Bing will verify the site

Congratz, you have successfully added the site and Bing will start showing clicks from Bing SEARCH withint a couple days

Site Activity Measured By Bing.png

Get a tea and wait a few days, then return for first results.