The Envato Marketplaces allow users to buy and sell various digital goods and assets ranging from site templates to music and more. Envato provides multiple platforms for Web designers to display and sell their work, while creating a supportive and vibrant community for its authors and customers. With over three million marketplace members, Envato ensures that your work gets the exposure it deserves. No matter what you wish to buy or sell on Envato, you only need to sign up once to have access to all the Envato Marketplaces and the 4.5 million items sold here.

For sellers, uploading work is easy and free as long as the files adhere to the website’s review guidelines. Once you start selling, you receive a 33% profit on every item sold as a non-exclusive author, or 50% to 70% as an exclusive one. Apart from making money through sales, authors can also participate in the affiliate program, which allows you to profit from the traffic you send to any page on the Envato Marketplaces. Depending on the price of the item, and the amount the person you have referred deposits or spends, you will receive a corresponding percentage of the profit.

The Envato review process ensures that all items for sale are of good quality and meet the marketplace standard, while the community forums are there to make it easy to get technical support or participate in a discussion with other members. The Envato Notes blog allows you to keep track of news and updates in the community.

Buying items on any of the Envato Marketplaces is easy and can be done via traditional methods like credit card or PayPal, which will include a $2 surcharge, or by depositing money on your account and using it to purchase the file you want. Each Envato Marketplace also gives out a free file to its users every month.

Every marketplace is built according to the same structure and follows the same rules of buying and selling. If you are looking for an item to buy, you must first find the marketplace that offers items of that category. From there, you can search items by browsing the category list, user-compiled collections on different themes or featured files selected by the site editors. You can also do a keyword search, or look over the popular files or the portfolios of the site’s top authors.

Here is a list and description of all eight of the Envato Marketplaces to help you get started in buying or selling on this platform.



The largest Envato Marketplace, ThemeForest specializes in WordPress Themes, website, email and e-commerce templates. ThemeForest prides itself on its community of authors, with whom customers can communicate in the forum or by leaving comments on specific items. As with every other Envato Marketplace, the prices of files sold on ThemeForest depend on their complexity, quality and use, and range from $5 up to $40+. With over 12,000 items for sale, there is no better place on the Web to look for that perfect theme or template.



GraphicRiver is a marketplace for all kinds of graphic files including Photoshop templates, brushes and textures. It is a safe and reliable platform for digital designers to showcase and sell their work and for consumers to browse and purchase the content they need. Once you have an Envato account, you can publish your fonts, icons and logos. As is the case with all Envato sites, your design needs to be reviewed and approved by the editors before it can be displayed for sale, which normally takes up to a week. It is important to follow the review guidelines for each type of design specified on the site to ensure your work gets approved. These include requirements regarding the format, size and quality of your file.



This marketplace offers scripts and components for multiple languages and frameworks, including JavaScript, PHP, HTML5 and ASP.NET. The files on CodeCanyon range from $3 to $25. Whenever you need a plugin or a script for your site, CodeCanyon is definitely the place to check out.



VideoHive offers a platform for selling and purchasing video files starting at only $1. With over 64,000 files on offer, the marketplace is bound to have what you are looking for, whether it’s stock footage, motion graphics or various add-ons.



PhotoDune is a marketplace for royalty-free stock photography starting at just $1. PhotoDune offers a multitude of photos in every kind of category, ranging from business and technology to sports and animals. The pricing on the photos is based on the size, which means you can purchase a photo for a smaller price if you only need it in smaller resolution. Unlike some other microstock sites, PhotoDune offers a large, high-quality watermarked preview of the images so that the buyers can see exactly what they are getting. PhotoDune is a great marketplace for stock photographers as it has a proven record of good sales, offers a lively community and guarantees future growth, with the Envato team constantly trying to learn and improve their “ecosystem.” Even if the highest price of $9 does not seem like that great of a profit, PhotoDune’s reputation and reach makes it worth considering for any photographer selling digital work.



3DOcean is a marketplace for 3D models and accessories, which you can purchase starting at $1. With over 12,000 items on offer, this is a great marketplace for all your 3D needs. You can buy or sell materials, shaders and CG Textures, among others.



AudioJungle offers over 140,000 royalty-free audio files. The prices here also start as low as $1 for a wide variety of songs and sound effects. This platform is particularly good for authors who have a back catalog of bits and pieces that they could sell to make additional profit. The great thing about AudioJungle is that, similarly to all other Envato Marketplaces, it is very easy for users to navigate, which means that if someone is looking for a specific sound effect or piece of music that you offer, they will have no problem finding it.



ActiveDen is a marketplace for Adobe Flash and Flex files. Again, this is a great marketplace for designers to generate passive income by selling their work. ActiveDen offers a wide variety of categories, including Flash, Animations, Games and Site Templates.

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