In this post I will go through step by step how to pick a very specific niche of people to market to, and in following posts in this three part series I will give an overview of the steps to start marketing to them. I will also offer suggestions for monetization, and discuss an extra bonus method for those that like a challenge.

Top niche: raw food

I have been marketing in the raw food industry for a few years now, having launched an authority site in the niche. Keeping track of the analytics I have seen the different pockets of people that have come through the site. It’s not impossible, but it is much more dfficult to go right for an authority site at the top level, it’s much easier to have an authority site one or two, maybe three levels deeper. After awhile, a top level authority site can end up becoming multiple niche sites, as is the case with mine. I have a general level integration into general “raw foods,” and a tighter integration into three other areas. It just happened that way.

Sub niche: green smoothies

An example of a niche that is a little smaller in the giant “raw food” niche, is that of green smoothies. Green smoothies consist of fruit and greens, blended together in their raw (uncooked) state. For this example I’d like to drill down into the “green smoothie” niche and offer suggestions how to monetize it.

Getting tighter

google suggest

Let’s ask Google Suggest a topic we can build a blog around that would likely put us as high authority in a small amount of time.

Let’s type “green smoothies” with no quotes, in the Google search box, without pressing Enter (or clicking the Search button). Right away I see two smaller niches: “green smoothies recipes” and “green smoothies for weight loss” But those aren’t tight enough, let’s drill deeper.

I decide to include the word “for” at the end of the query, and I am presented with: green smoothies for kids green smoothies for skin green smoothies for acne Great, we could stop there, pick one, and move to the next step, but I’d like to take it a little tighter. Now I will go through each letter of the alphabet to see what shows up.

We have options for: “arthritis,” “fibromyalgia,” “fertility,” several for “skin,” and the list goes on (and on). I decide to run a full search for: “green smoothies for younger looking skin” …and I see that some people have targeted that long tail and rank for that term, but on sites that are completlely unrelated to green smoothies, or even raw food, or even food or diet, at the base. Plus, the sites are in the Phillipines (according to the TLD). In other words, they’d be simple to knock out of top sites with a tightly focused site.

Heck, even this post will start to rank for related terms until something better comes along that is more relevant overall, and with little bounce rate. Back to it. So, “green smoothies for younger looking skin” could be a site worth building out. There are a lot of long tails that have something to do with the “skin” and “green smoothies” that show up in Google Suggest. However, I am going to play around a little more.

Sub sub niche: Green smoothies after workout

OK, I settled on an area I would like to focus on and build a site around. The tag line for the site will be: “green smoothies after workout” Perfect!

Now, to pick a domain from the top of my head. ExerciseSmoothie SmoothieMuscle GymSmoothie SmoothieFlex GreenMuscle GreenSmoothiePump And so on… Just pick one, and roll with it.

And don’t stress too much over getting it “perfect.” Go for something punchy and memorable and that makes sense for our chosen sub-sub niche. That’s it for this post. In Part 2 I will discuss setting up the site, content ideas, monetization, and a bonus method for making money with the site for the long term, on auto pilot. Stay tuned!