In Part 1 we discussed drilling down into a niche to get very tight with it so that we can dominate the SERPS (cool word huh? – means search engine results pages) in a short time. Now let’s get started making that happen and make this less of a pipe dream and more of a reality. Let’s pad those pockets with greenbacks.

In this example, I am continuing on with the niche: Green smoothies after workout …and I talk about it as if that’s what I am suggesting that you do. I’d like you to of course, drill down into a different area, and use this as an example, and change the variables. Although, truth be told, if you stole this verbatim it would probably work.

Setup the site


1) Buy a domain

2) Buy hosting

3) Install WordPress

4) Add the tag line: green smoothies after workout

5) Blog regularly and ALWAYS talk about nutriton, and how it relates to working out, and point to your “best” green smoothie post-workout recipe often.

Of course, share other recipes often as well. Cite your sources of inspiration always. Be respectful. It has value. Center the recipes around a particular ingredient, and explain why the ingredient has value “post workout.” Make videos. Take photos. Interview people (regular people and experts). Do case studies. Walk the walk. Diary your results. Challenge the nay-sayers. Contrast “green smoothies” with “green juices.” Etc. etc. And I could have put the infamous “and/or” between all those, you don’t have to do them all.

Target some long tails

Look at other long tails to write articles about (use them as the title), but make sure they are very closely related. For example: I would personally avoid “green smoothies for acne,” but I would write an article around the topic “green smoothies for weight gain” as it has medium to high relevance depending how you look at it.

Tackle it in a way where a skinny body builder would want to gain weight in a healthy way, rather than someone suffering from anorexia. I woudn’t start too many articles with “green smoothies for…” either – get more creative 🙂 Plus, don’t write more than one article covering the same topic just because there are multiple long tails for it.

For example, just pick one from: a) how to gain weight with green smoothies b) gaining weight with green smoothies … because only one article is needed to cover that “topic.” Don’t be greedy, leave some tail for other people. Truthfully though, you’ll begin to rank for random long tails anyway. Install Google Analytics, you’ll see 😉


1) On your best recipe page, link out to the ingredients on Amazon.

2) Link to a blender review.

3) Become an affiliate for VitaMix, or any site, like Amazon, that sells blenders.

4) Geo target your customers to show them relevant affiliate links and ads for their country (or region or city if you are really focused, and have a team).

5) Truthfully, I think selling recipe books is lame, unless they are yours. I don’t know why, I just do. I know I have suggested it before (and I do it on some sites but I don’t have the desire to remove them), but I retract that suggestion now. However, it is a possibility, check Clickbank. Moving forward, in the next post in this series, I will take this whole thing a step further.

Truth be told, you could stop here, and just continue to post regularly and build your authority, but you might as well start putting some automation in place yeah? Ok, good, stay tuned for the next post.