OK, we have come a long way here, and I feel like I have dropped some real value, and I hope that you too feel the same. Besides regular posting which will take time daily, I think you can really get to this stage of the game very very fast.

I would venture to say that a seasoned vet could get here, and even ranking, in 2-3 days or less. Get good because when you see that this stuff works, you will want to jump into other niches of interest. But I caution you to wait until your routine is solid and you have a daily to do list that is generally the same.

And don’t be afraid to outsource pieces where appropriate.

Build a list

mail chimp

Finally, build a list. Food, diet, nutrition, health, natural health, green smoothies, vegetarianism, veganism, raw veganism, are all niches amongst themselves, and highly related.

I would either put an opt-in form in the otherwise uncluttered (it is uncluttered right?) sidebar, or have it on it’s own /subscribe/ page and link to it often. An approach that I have been taking recently and seeing great results with is having a blog with very little to do on a given blog post, except read the content, and perform one action.

The action can be:

a) subscribe to my list
b) buy this recommended product
c) check out this review
d) check out this great recipe (which links to a great review)

In other words, it’s good to give them one action at a time, and create steps towards a goal, whether it be one, two, three or more steps, but with just one per page (or post). Notice how I didn’t include “like” or “+1” this post in the above list (I have been leaving that stuff out and thinking like a PPC marketer with my blogging)

Recipe ingredients are an exception, plus once in awhile I do some internal linking. If you are blogging all the time, like daily for example, then this varied approach will cover a lot of bases (internal linking, list building, product buying, etc.) in short order.

Ok, back to content for the list…

Your list can take more varied content than what you want to add to your niche blog. Remember the topics of: food, diet, nutrition, health, natural health, green smoothies, vegetarianism, veganism, raw veganism, and so on.

So build a list from day one, just sayin’. I recommend both MailChimp and AWeber.

Plus, consider adding broadcast messages to an archive on it’s own domain. I’ll cover that strategy below.

Archiving the broadcasts

This is another area that I have been playing with and seeing great results in. Here’s the process in the proverbial nutshell:

1) Write a unique article, a shorty will do (100-300 words), and write a few summaries for recent content with links to the content
2) Broadcast it to your list
3) On a separate domain (maybe your main domain name with “News” attached, like GreenSmoothiePumpNews if your domain is GreenSmoothiePump), and maybe even on separate hosting, include your broadcasts into new posts

That’s really it. Look at this as link building, but make certain this stuff has value on its own or don’t do it. You can also throw some paint at the wall and randomly monetize the site, or just leave the calls to action in the emails to do their thing. Don’t fret too much about this site, and let it brew it’s own storm of traffic and SEO value on it’s own. Focus on your main site.

What about autoresponders?

Good question. I think it depends a lot how frequently you email your list broadcasts whether autoresponders are appropriate. Either way, you may be sending 2 emails in one day to some members of the list, depending on when they signed up and when your broadcasts go out (even if you broadcast just once a week).

Maybe keep your autoresponders in plain text and your broacasts in HTML to keep them distinguishable to your subscribers.

Also, try to work out a way where you could paste a subset of your HTML broadcasts into your archive site, that way there is a uniform look plus the process is quick and easy. I do that with a WordPress blog but you really need a very clean plain theme. I built my own theme with the HTML from the AWeber broadcast archives. You really only need a couple template pages so it’s not a lot of work if you know a bit about WordPress, CSS, HTML, and PHP.

In part 4, I cover staying abreast in your niche and a little self promotion techniques.