I very recently switched from RoboForm to LastPass to create strong passwords, manage passwords, and fill out web forms. The verdict: LastPass does what RoboForm can do, but for free and does it a little better. Let me explain.

Actually, let me say this quick bit first. The main thing about a secure password management tool is that it locks all your passwords behind one password that you have memorized. Then you can use very strong passwords for all other sites since you don’t need to remember them. Of course your main password should be strong too but it’s easier to remember just one.


First, Why The Switch From RoboForm to LastPass in the First Place?

I have been using RoboForm for a very long time to securely store my passwords and login to web sites with just a couple clicks, and I have been largely happy with it. Besides a few annoyances which I’ll explain later in this article, it did exactly what I wanted it to do. I have only had experience before that with browser based password savers so I really didn’t have much to compare it too.

It’s a very low priced tool and for what it does it’s worth every penny. When I first purchased it, like many other software titles it was meant to be “free for life.” But of course, when version 7 came around, all previous versions were discontinued (in a sense) and a new product was born. In other words, in order to get the upgrade we had to pay again. For the price and the value I didn’t sweat it much. Getting the upgrade forced me to look at the other products too (which seemed interesting), so I expanded my geek horizons slightly, so I was cool with it over all.

There is RoboForm Everywhere that stores passwords “in the cloud” and synchs with the passwords etc. in the desktop tool. There is also a version that works from a USB drive. I eventually bought them both, about a year and a week ago as a matter of fact. Well, while the USB version is pretty cool I found that I never actually used it. Also, I hardly ever used the cloud version of RoboForm. Therefore I let the cloud version expire last week.

Well, when the cloud version expired however, so did my desktop version! This time I wasn’t paying for an upgrade. I explained the situation to the tech support team at RF and either they didn’t get what I was saying or else I truly lost my Desktop licence. I didn’t feel like mucking around anymore and it was time for a change. Needless to say I was on hot pursuit for an alternative. My friend has been trying to get me to switch to LastPass for some time, and it seems to be the most widely used besides RoboForm, so I downloaded the free version for a test drive. Well, the free version is a desktop/cloud version and works like a charm.

Part 2

Look for Part 2 for the rest of the comparison between LastPass and RoboForm.