If you’re looking for a fast way to monetize your new blog, no need to look much further than joining Amazon Associates, the multibillion dollar eccommerce company’s affiliate marketing program. There are plenty of other affiliate programs out there, many of which will pay far higher commissions, but it can take time to hunt them down and learn the ropes for each and every one.

And you can always add more affiliate programs and monetize your site in other ways; use Amazon first to get up and running and start turning some of those readers into profits now.

Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of being an Amazon Associate.

Amazon Associates

1. Easy Set-up

One of the reasons I suggest Amazon as first base for a newbie monetizing a blog is that it’s ridiculously easy to get set up. Just sign up for an account at http://affiliate-program.amazon.com/gp/associates/apply/main.html and you have access to affiliate links for a wide range of different products – no need to sign up for a new program for every single thing you want to market.

Amazon also provides lots of useful selling tools, and generating code for your site is a snap. It’s a very user-friendly monetization channel.

2. Amazon is a Marketing Genius

One of the best reasons to get hooked up with Amazon is that they have marketing online down to an art. Think about it for a second – is there any online retailer with more credibility and market penetration than Amazon.com?

People trust Amazon; even the most paranoid online shoppers don’t even blink if they know they’re buying from the website. In fact, many shoppers will find products through other sources and then go search to see if they’re on Amazon. Because they know the prices are good and the chances of getting scammed are low.

Why does Amazon have all this credibility? Because they’re good at marketing. And their marketing prowess goes far beyond just knowing how to gain the public’s trust.

From every single detail in their site design to predicting what customers will buy based on prior searches and purposes, Amazon brings strategy to the process.

Also Bought

Why is this important to you? Because it means you can tap into their well-orchestrated business model and essentially partner up with them. All you’ve got to do to get sales is send traffic their way.

3. Great Diversity of Products

What’s more is that you don’t just get paid commissions when you send people to Amazon for particular products. Customers often wander around Amazon’s search engine or browse through categories and buy something that had nothing to do with the reason they arrived there in the first place, and you still get a commission.

Pretty sweet, right?

As an example, imagine you send someone to check out a book about personal development and they end up buying some new clothes or sports equipment. These instances are far from unheard of. And this really works in your favor when the customer buys something big and expensive, like a riding lawn mower or refrigerator.

It doesn’t often happen, but it does happen. And the commissions aren’t bad at all with these higher-end purchases.

4. Multiple Monetization Options

As mentioned, the best strategy with Amazon is just getting people over to the website and into their powerful marketing funnel, and the retailer provides plenty of different options for doing just that.

Insert text links into your copy so that people can click over while reading or at the end of reviews. Set up product banners for your sidebars or choose from cool widgets, some of which are interactive and offer varying degrees of functionality. You can choose which products are displayed in some widgets, while others select products at random based on your niche.

You can even set up your own Amazon store.


5. Produce Kindle Books

Beyond the Amazon Associates program, Amazon has revolutionized the publishing industry by making it easier to create and market books than ever before in history. This provides another interesting way to monetize a blog through Amazon – if you’ve got a readership who likes the stuff you write about, it’s not a huge hurdle to get them buying your books.

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