It doesn’t take long at all to get top results for long tail key phrases when publishing content to high authority sites, providing it is done right. Do it right and you can skip right past the folks that have been sitting pretty for those spots probably without even knowing why they were there.

That traffic becomes yours.

It’s very easy to get a lot of eyeballs on a real estate listing.

Real Estate

Here are the steps that I followed that brought several highly targeted leads to a real estate property for sale by a friend of mine.

She wanted to give it two months without a real estate agent to see if she could get leads. They came the first day.

How to Get Real Estate Leads Very Quickly

The first step is to determine the type of property that is available. Is it a house, townhome, condo, apartment, commercial property, or something else?

Is it for lease, for sale, or for rent?

What’s the location?

All very simple questions.

Let’s say we are selling a 5 bedroom home in Windsor, Ontario, Canada near the University.

Now, Let’s Check Out Google Suggest To See What People Might Be Looking For – Pick One And Create Some Content

In other words, let’s go hunting for long tails.

Visit in this case and type in:

“homes for sale in windsor”

We see:

“homes for sale in windsor ont”
“homes for sale in windsor ontario”
“homes for sale in windsor ontario by owner”
“homes for sale in windsor ontario area”
“housing for sale in windsor ontario”
“houses for sale in windsor ontario canada”
“houses for sale in windsor ontario by owner”
“houses for sale in windsor ontario with 5 bedrooms”
“houses for sale in windsor ontario near university of windsor”

You picking up what I’m laying down here? People doing these searches know what they want. And some queries are pretty darn precise.

We can find many many combinations. We just have to partial-type to see what Google Suggests.

Get to understand how works and you can get ever more results quickly.

Now depending how agressive you are, you probably want to target all or most of those terms, but just pick one at a time.

Now, Create Content Surrounding Your Chosen Keyphrase

Classifieds sites are an obvious choice to create listings. Many will let you post to your own geographic area. Most people know this already. FSBO’s may not.

Besides in-built traffic, classifieds listings get indexed in the SERPS.

The first stop for Candians is probably Kijiji. Americans may head to Craig’s List initially.

Here’s my approach. Hit them all.

Post an ad using your chosen keyphrase as the title on:

1) Kijiji (maybe in a couple days, go for a different phrase, perhaps with a different account)
2) Craig’s List
3) USFreeAds

Then, think outside the box from there.

Don’t Only Post To Classifieds For Your Real Estate Listings – Create a YouTube Video, a Press Release, And Embed Your Video And An Article On A City Portal Site

For my friend’s property I recorded a simple screencast video walking through a classifieds posting. A virtual tour would be better granted but I was working with what I had.

Well, the video was on page one in minutes for the desired keyphrase and a lead came within hours.

Embedding the video in other content will give it “votes” and keep it ranked.

Look for city portal sites and see how you can create a listing.

For my friend’s site I also submitted a Press Release. I made it “newsy” by saying that the homeowner chose a small Internet company to promote her real estate property rather than going the traditional route with an agent.

Well, that press release ranked on the first page for the targeted term the next day. Press releases are (well, can be) free and you can embed video and add links.

It’s worth doing folks.

Targeted real estate leads are just a little SEO know how away. The above is plenty to get you teething, and biting.