Links are a great way to help drive traffic to your sites and increase page ranks on popular search engines such as Google. Unfortunately many have the mentality that quantity triumphs over quality when it comes to building links. This is not the case if you want to build long lasting links on good quality sites that are actually indexed by search engines. Otherwise, a million links on a million sites can result in worthless efforts especially when those sites are considered link SPAM.

Link Spam

Below are just some examples of the 5 commonly used link SPAM by unknowing (and even knowledgeable) groups and individuals.

1 Forum Signature

Most forums allow their members to create a profile page that lets you include a signature link. Signature links usually appear at the bottom of posts or comments you make on a thread or discussion within the forum. While they may result in a few visitors here and there to your site, they’re low quality at best because these types of links are not merit based and have no real value which is why they are usually ignored by major search engines.

2 Article Directories

Unfortunately, spammers have found another way to infiltrate what would generally be a good platform for back links; in this case article directories. They, like forum signatures, might be able to send your site some decent traffic, but when it comes to increasing your page ranks the links in these sites have very little weight. That is unless you have links established in more notable directories such as Yahoo, BOTW or DMOZ.

3 Comments on Blogs

This would have to be one of the most popular ways link SPAM has established itself on many sites on the web. Link spammers are notorious for seeking out blogs with content that’s relevant to their client’s website. Therefore leaving links on blog comments have very little merit base if any at all. Blog platforms such as WordPress have automatic nofollow links in comments which helps to minimize and in many case, completely eliminate link SPAM. The only time leaving a comment with your link in it is when you’re making one on a high traffic blog that search engines may consider an authority site.

4 Social Bookmarks

Social bookmarks are yet another means of building good quality links that have been abused by link spammers. Because of this many credible bookmarking sites have established nofollow links to deter link SPAM.

5 Link Farms

In and of itself, link farms already have a very negative association and search engines look at them as low quality sites. Link farms are usually created by link building companies who try to accumulate as many website and web pages in order to have a vast collection of locations where they can dispose of links. When a link farm is discovered by a search engine, any and all existing links within the link farm will lose their positive impact on sites that they’ve been linked to. To try and get around this, link farms resort to buying pages on legitimate websites so that their links will appear more credible to search engines.

There are several companies out there that claim they can build you hundreds of links in no time at all for a fee, but be aware of the link building techniques they use so you can be sure your hard earned money is going to quality sites and not just link SPAM.