Article spinning is alive and well and will probably be here to stay for quite awhile no matter what kind of animal Google throws at us. Even after the attack of the Panda and then the Penguin, there are numerous spun content still circulating the web doing the jobs they were intended to do which includes build back links, drive traffic and rank on the very search engine that released the hounds (or rather pandas and penguins) on them.

If you’re still a bit hesitant about article spinning, then here are some tips that’ll help to keep your spun content and any site they appear on out of Google’s radar and working for you.

Make New Article Titles.

This is a very simple step to implement to your article spinning. Once you’ve decided how many variations you want of a certain article, make a new and unique title for each one. You never want to spin the title of an article; it’ll just result in something that may have little to no relevance to the substance of the article.
Google Panda

Never Post Your Articles on Content Farms.

Sites that are flooded with low quality, duplicated content has already been affected by Google Panda, but that’s not to say that there’s still not plenty of them still up and running. Be sure the site you submit your spun content to isn’t on Google’s radar.

Create Article Descriptions.

Many people skip this process for reasons unknown, maybe laziness or ignorance, but having a description can make all the difference when it comes to your click through rates (CTR) because that is what people see when they look on search engines.

New Last Sentence for Each Paragraph.

This tip may sound hasslesome and confusing but it really isn’t. To put it simply, write a short sentence and add it to the end of every paragraph. Then spin the content within that sentence and add the spin syntax. This will help to give your article a unique paragraph structure and word count for each spun article. The chances of them getting indexed by Google is a lot better.

Variate Articles with HTML Codes.

Make each article look completely different with the following HTML code that’ll create new paragraph counts for all your spun articles:

{<br />|}


{|<br />}

The following codes let you bold or italicize certain words for an even more unique looking article:

{<b>some text</b>|some text}


{<i>some text</i>|some text}

Unless Google starts using people, for example those who work for them, to go through each and every article that’s ever been created and weave out all the “bad” ones, then no amount of pandas, penguins or any other type of animal will be sufficient enough to catch every single spun article on the web. It’s just not done which is why article spinning still works and can work for you. It’s all about looking unique and not necessarily being unique which is what high quality article spinning can do for you articles.