Search engine optimization can be a complex topic. However, it’s important to have an understanding of how SEO works and why it works the way it does.

The goal of Google and any other search engine is to deliver the most relevant results based on the user search query. Understanding that last sentence is crucial to understanding search engines optimization.

Appealing to Google’s Business Sense

Updates to search algorithms are done for the purpose of improving the quality of the content that is delivered to the user. Google is in the business of selling advertisements. This is still by far their bread-and-butter in terms of the revenue they generate. As long as that is the case, the relevancy of the search results will be of utmost importance to their business. Once Google stops delivering the most relevant results for search, users will go elsewhere whether that be Bing or otherwise.

So the organic search listings have to be full of value in order for the ads, which are the pay-per click ads to the right of the organic listings, to get visitors and clicks.

With this basic understanding of the Google business model, this can help one to understand what factors are important for purposes of search engine optimization.

Fundamentals of White vs. Black Hat

Black hat tactics tend to be little techniques intended to get fast results that are essentially gaming the system. The trouble with black hat is that any type of tactic look at some point creates a pattern. The pattern leaves a traceable footprint, and once Google is on to that tactic they simply follow footprints to see who the offenders are, and they simply penalize said offenders.

Whitehat SEO tactics are more along the lines of giving your contents the best chance for Google to find it view it is favorable for the targeted related keywords. It becomes a matter of being strategic in writing on your website. Also considering all the elements that the search engines look at, such as descriptions and meta tags. SEO will also focus on what the rest of the web is essentially saying about your website. So if there are many other websites linking to your site, that can be highly favorable. The same goes for social interaction. The more Facebook likes that your content gets, or comments or tweets, not only are you improving the odds of Google finding and recognizing your content more quickly, but it shows a level of interest from your audience that they’re interacting with your website.

So back links and social signals can be leveraged via both black and white hat techniques. What Google is always after are those shortcut-type methods that are typically utilized in black hat techniques. This is not to say that pure white hat search engine optimization will not be impacted by changes to Google’s algorithm, but chances are lessened when only white hat techniques are employed. It’s important to always go back to think about providing relevant information for the given keyword search. This is always where Google and the other search engines will go to, and so should thought you’d given to this in your search engine optimization efforts.