Today I was tasked to setup Prosper 202 affiliate tracking software for a client. I won’t go through the steps to install it here because I have already in the past, but I wanted to explain how I configured the hosting account for use with Prosper 202.

WHM admin panel

The client subscribed to a dedicated server at HostGator because he anticipates large volumes of traffic to be sent through his P202 account. His estimates are in excess of 100,000 clicks each day on a slow day.

After purchasing the account it took about half a day for HostGator to get the server ready for use. They say it could take as long as 24 hours or more, but this was a quick straightforward setup. Once ready I was given the keys (root access) to the WHM (Web Host Manager) for the server. This is where we can configure accounts to be setup for use with a given domain. The domain ultimately gets setup with CPanel access, at which time the client can login and start configuring web sites.

For this one I jumped in the CPanel and took care of the Prosper 202 installation. Just the standard stuff. Add a database and create a MySQL user with all priveleges for that database, and then upload the P202 files and run through the quick install process.

Adding a Package and Account in WHM

To create the CPanel I first had to create a package in the WHM admin area. With “root” access you are given the keys to do anything with the server short of physically swapping out hardware.

The particular package I added, I gave “Unlimited” everything to, particularly bandwidth and disk space. Here are the steps:

1. Login to WHM with root access.

2. From the left menu, under Packages, click Add a Package.

3. Name the package, choose the options, then click Add.

Now, onto the account. For this setup I was attaching the main domain for the dedicated hosting account to the package. According to HostGator’s instructions this requires an “upgrade” to the existing account. Well, it seems they forgot to add one, so I created a new one from scratch. Here are the steps:

1. From the left menu, under Account Functions, click Create a New Account.

2. Specify a domain (the main domain in this case), username, and password (plus verify the password).

3. Select the package previously created from the Choose a Package drop down. Mine’s called “unlimited” as you can see in the video.

4. Click the Create button.

Now, a CPanel account will be created for that domain. To gain access to the CPanel, head to

Video: Setting up an Unlimted Package and Account in Web Host Manager

In the video below I walk throught the steps that I worked through above.