Recently Matt Monarch of The Raw Food World created a YouTube video explaining how he builds up his raw foods mailing list. Off and on I have done work with Matt, helping him setup the campaigns, setup the lists and pull reports for his marketing tests. He has great success so this is certainly someone that you want to listen to. I will give you the bulk of the process here in this post.

The Campaign Parts: Banners Ads Still Effective

In general, a campaign consists of three things. First is the traffic. Traffic sources are basically any other site across the web. This can include media buys on niche web sites, or the standard pay per click, or pay per view advertising options, etc.

Ads placed on those sites can be banner ads, text ads or a hybrid of the two. Some sites will allow audio or video ads as well. There are also other creative options that are being explored, but the banner ad is still surprisingly effective.

Video Marketing

The ad itself should hint on what comes next. Matt has found great success when including a video play button on his banner ads eluding to a video to be played on the other side. This has certainly upped his click thru rate but it can be looked at as deceptive practice and some sites won’t allow it. For example, Google’s Display Network rejected those ads 9 times out of 10. But most direct media buys will accept them without a problem.

The next part is the landing page. This is where the traffic ends up after a click on the ad. Colors and placement are key for a landing page. Tests should be done to find the best method. Even a change in button color or shape can drive up conversions.

A standard approach is including a red headline. Below that can be a quick paragraph with emphasized words and phrases. Underneath that can be an embedded YouTube video. Working with the YouTube API can make it so the video itself cannot be clicked so that no traffic leaves the landing page. Also, a “like” button can be used which would affect the like count on YouTube. Omitting the “unlike” button is also possible at this time.

Below the video can be a bulleted list of features, and in the right sidebar will be the opt-in box. It’s common to put red arrows above the opti-in box to call attention to it. You then explain briefly what is given when opted in. Then comes the “submit” button which can be colored and shaped as you please.

The Autoresponder: Keep Subscribers Engaged

The last part is the autoresponder. What happens after someone submits their name and email is they land on a confirmation page. It’s common to NOT use double opt-in in this industry, which means the email address makes it on the list without actually being confirmed. This increases subscribership drastically but you may end up with bum emails on your list.

Now you can set up the list so it auomatically sends out emails at set intervals for as far off in the future as you like. These would not be “timely” emails, those can be sent as broadcasts. These are for constant repetitive emails to keep the subscriber engaged.

Mailing lists can turn subscribers into one-time customers, and when treated right they can become long term repeat customers.

Advanced Raw Food Marketing 101 – Video

Here’s the video created by Matt for more info: