Short of getting your own hosting for videos, perhaps through Amazon (AWS) or some similar service, YouTube is often the first stop for hosting videos. Not only is there the in-built traffic having one of the top search engines world wide, and the internal automated promotions, and the videos often ending up in the first page of the Google SERPS, it is free to host your videos. Plus, you can monetize the videos very easily.

With all that said and even though your videos will likely get views if doing a little keyword research and embedding them in your blog posts, it never hurts to share them around the web for some additional exposure. But I know what you are probably thinking, we are already sharing our WordPress posts, articles, and other content all over the web. Isn’t it a pain to start sharing the videos too? I guess you can look at it that way, but it is certainly worth the effort, even when doing things manually.

IFTTT recipe from YouTube to Tumblr

But it is true, I do a lot of creating, posting and sharing as it is myself so I know how you feel. For each blog post I:

a) write the text
b) include one or more images
c) embed audio if I see fit
d) create and upload an original video to YouTube
e) embed the video into my post
f) share the post and audio socially (some is automated but not all, darn you G+!)
g) write a complimentary article to share on a popular Web 2.0 site

…and so on.

Adding another piece of content to be shared to the mix may not seem like a big deal, but the to-do list is big enough and it’s already easy to “skip a step” and rationalize it in some way.

Thanks to IFTTT, we can automate the task of sharing our YouTube videos, so my thought is: “might as well!”

We can set it up so that each time a video is added to our YouTube channel, whenever that is it doesn’t matter, IFTTT will become aware of it in their magical way (we have to grant access – not very magical at all really, just smart), and then share the video to various social sites on the web like Tumblr, Facebook pages, Twitter, etc. Cool or what?

We can even auto-embed the video into a blog post on Blogger for example. We’re limited to the YouTube description for the content, but it still might not be a bad idea.

Setup an IFTTT Account and Activate the YouTube, Twitter, Delicious, and Facebook Pages Channels

The process here is quite simple. On the IFTTT web site, as I have discussed in the past, you create what is called a “recipe” to automate tasks.

To proceed, make sure that you have an IFTTT account (, a YouTube account (having a Google account such as a Gmail account grants you a YouTube account as well), a Twitter account, a Facebook page, and a Delicious profile. All accounts are free of charge.

IFTTT stands for If This Then That. Which means, IF something happens on one channel (THIS), THEN do something on another channel (THAT). We can define what the “something” is in both cases, and our options are highly flexible and highly dynamic. Perhaps my ideas aren’t as creative as other recipes on the site, but they serve a valuable purpose for me, and for you as well is my hope.

Watch along in the video below as I create a recipe to share my YouTube video uploads as video posts on my Tumblr blog.

You can follow a similar process to:

a) add the video URL to Delicious as a social bookmark (for what it’s worth)
b) share the video URL to your Twitter followers
c) embed the video into a Facebook page (this happens automatically when creating a Facebook link post with the YouTube video URL)

Thank you IFTTT!
You’re welcome Keith! (their response was automated, gotta love technology)

Video: Auto Publishing YouTube Videos to Tumblr Video Posts Using IFTTT