The next time you hear someone say that social media doesn’t work, observe how they use social media and you may get good insight as to why they say that. You can get a kick out of people who are critics of a communication platform and spend their time in a wasteful and pointless manner. This is in no means to say that social media is any type of be-all end-all cure for your business. Quite to the contrary, social media is a fantastic communication tool, but remember the value of their communication is predicated on the relationships you build.


1. Not Building or Growing Business Relationships

When we realize that social media is simply an avenue to communicate, it seems pretty simple. At the same time, it’s perhaps the most powerful communication channel that’s ever been known to mankind. It’s breaking down barriers and allowing anybody to get in touch with anyone, regardless of where they live or any other traditional obstacle.

2. Not Having a Strategy

But for business value, there must be more to it than just showing up at the game. Far too many businesses simply set up shop at the various social networks without a game plan. In today’s world, where social media played such an integral part of our lives in our communication, businesses have to create a player. There must be strategy in a businesses social media game plan.

Without strategy, people who say that social media doesn’t work are absolutely correct. And along the same lines, these same people might be sitting at home calling their friends and shooting the breeze with them for hours at a time, and they too can say that telephones don’t work for business. While there’re use of telephones are providing no value and business benefits, that does not mean that the telephone is not an incredibly valuable business tool. The same can be sad for social media. Social is very new in the grand scheme of things, so there’re many businesses who don’t entirely grass what they should be doing on social.


3. Thinking Social is More Than a Tool

Remember that social media is simply a tool, that is only as good as how you use it. Deonte anything else relationships are what grows or what determines the fate of your business. And using social media can be an excellent and effective way to grow these relationships.

But what we know that the housework is relationship building. Business will always go back to the simple idea of know, like and trust. Quite frankly, there’s never been a bigger opportunity to grow relationships and the snow like trust factor in a more scalable way than what social media provides.