Major updates to YouTube’s commenting feature are on their way. Per YouTube’s official blog, it’s been unveiled that the new YouTube commenting will be powered by and integrate Google+ for user identification. And just like any other activity on Google+, you’ll have the ability to share your updates with whom you choose, such as certain Circles, public, etc. And the commenting will include threaded replies, so it will be easy to follow the conversation as it goes.
New moderation and review tools will be available, as well, to make moderating less time consuming and more effective.

Since the new commenting will almost guarantee more civility on YouTube, it’s a good time to look at how you can leverage YouTube and video marketing to your advantage.

1. Google+ Gets Significantly More Social

Since the YouTube comments will go through Google+, it will be of benefit to the social networking aspect of G+, simply by virtue of the traffic and interaction that’s generated at YouTube. This will make many inactive G+ profiles go much more active and interactive. This is the perfect time to setup and engage on Google+ if you haven’t done so already.

2. Change Your Comment Settings

Many people with YouTube channels have disabled comments due to the ugly nature of many of the conversations on YouTube users who hide behind anonymous comments and throw away usernames. The new commenting platform should have a drastic effect on this, and it stands to reason that it will be much more beneficial to allow comments and engage in the conversations.

4. Build Your Community

Cultivate a legitimate community in your YouTube channel along with what it symbolizes. Many are attracted to web video simply because they can interact with the YouTube channel in such a way they could not with TV.

Community is built on interaction, which first requires consistency from the channel. Creating a content schedule, to ensure that there’s at least semi-regular publishing of video on YouTube is an important starting point.

From there, if your video content is good and you promote it well, then you should be seeing some interactions. Treat these with great care, as your commenters will be your most valuable assets in growing and maintain your community. Respond to every comment and acknowledge contributions when good or useful comments are left. This very human element still cannot be replicated otherwise.

With the new commenting functionality, YouTube is now renewed as a social destination where you can grow your influence and reach.