If there’s one thing that every website owner can agree upon, it’s that subscribers are a valuable asset. YouTube’s latest announcement should make it easier to gain subscribers to your video channel.

While obtaining email addresses is becoming harder and harder, with users becoming stingier with giving out their email address, and Gmail now sorting email newsletters out of sight for many email recipients, this update comes at a time when some good news regarding subscribers was needed. YouTube subscribers can be a prized list, since YouTube subscribers tend to be less overwhelmed with content, unlike what happens at Facebook and Twitter, and they get to see your captivating video content before the rest of the world.

One of the common challenges with growing YouTube subscriber counts was that many video marketers embed YouTube videos on their own site, which serves as the primary vehicle to serve up the videos. This limits that opportunity to for someone viewing the video to subscribe to the YouTube channel itself.

The new embed code that is provided by YouTube can be easily created, then embedded onto a website with easy, for a single click subscription to your channel.

Add Subscriber Button in 4 Easy Steps


Step 1: Choose Your Button Layout

The first step is to visit the Google Developers page to setup the embed code here. Once on the page, choose how you want the button configured on your site in terms of look — you can include your YouTube avatar, a background or leave these optional pieces out from your button.

Step 2: Configure Your Button

The next step is to actually enter in your YouTube channel name, as well as your other choices for configuration. Simply select your choice for layout from “full” or “default” — the “full” option will show your avatar, as mentioned above. Then choose your theme, either light (default) or dark, via another dropdown box.

You’ll then be able to preview the button, based on your selections, right there at the page. Something that will display regardless of the settings you chose, is the number of subscribers to your channel.

Step 3: Add To Your Site

The final step in this quick process is to copy the embed code from the Google Developers page and paste it into the HTML code of your website. If you’re running a WordPress blog, creating a new text widget for the sidebar containing the embed code will do the trick.

The last thing now is to invite new subscribers. Adding a call to action at your site is a good idea to start generating those powerful YouTube subscribers.