Are you still trying to find ways to make your website or campaign go viral? It’s not an easy thing to do, and before we start, we should probably get it out of the way that no handful of cool tricks is going to assure such a thing. But if you constantly experiment with neat little strategies in your marketing campaigns, you can root out the tricks that actually do promote further engagement and sharing. And hopefully you’ll eventually get it right and see something you did bring a flood of traffic and exposure to your business.

With this no promises warning right out of the gate, let’s look at four cool viral marketing tricks that anyone can test out in their business.

1. Bring Rankings Alive With Google Authorship

It’s always best to be aware of what Google is pushing, as it indicates what direction the web itself is headed. And one of the most exciting out there is the Google Authorship feature, suggesting big plans for the further influence of Google+ on search results.

By linking content you publish on a particular website, whether yours or a blog your guested on, to your Google+ account, and vice versa, your articles show up on in Google searches with your head-shot photo and author information.

Google Authorship

This leverages the increasing importance of Google+ in search results and also increases click-through-rates, as it gives your article a more personal, human touch in the rankings.

2. Create a Poll Using Google+

How about creating a survey to send buyers or subscribers to that helps spread the word about your business even while gathering research?

This can be accomplished by creating a “poll” using a Google+ post. Simply put the question for your survey in as a regular post. For instance, if you’re putting together a list in the survivalist niche, your questions might be: “What Are You Most Interested in Learning From My Survival Newsletter?” Then direct readers to give a +1 to the answer in the comments they like the best.

Then, enter your answers in as comments, and after you’ve done that, disable future comments for that post. Answers for this niche might include, “Stories about homesteaders already living off the land,” “Political and philosophical views about where society is headed,” “How to survive if lost in the wilderness,” or “Techniques I can use in everyday life to become more independent.”

Pinterest Freebie

Call me a nerd, but this is really cool stuff.

What are some viral marketing tricks you’ve tried out in your business?