A powerful and effective new media platform that is sometimes overlooked, due to the popularity of social networks and other social media sites, is podcasting. Podcasting is in a state of growth and may be the way to grow your business audience online. If you’re not certain or want to know the benefits of podcasting, here are seven reasons why to start podcasting.


Reason 1: Podcasting Is Going Through a Re-Birth

Yes, while it’s been around a long time, podcasting is now going through somewhat of a re-birth. Podcast downloads and usage are at all-time highs, with some of the reasons being smartphone growth and the adoption of 4G. With faster networks to download and stream content, podcasting has gained major momentum that has coincided with mobile usage. iPhones now have a native podcast app as a default, and there are many well-known mainstream radio shows that have gone podcasting. All of this leads to the resurgence that’s being seen with podcasting

Reason 2: Own Your Category

Podcasting is outstanding for growing credibility, and while most people think of audio podcasting, podcasts can be video content, PDFs, or other formatted content, in addition to audio. That said, audio may just be the most powerful, since it allow the intimate experience of hearing you talk about your expertise while on the go or doing other things.

Podcasts are commonly and easily consumed during a morning commute, while jogging or in the office while working. This allows your message to get attention for a much longer time than what other platforms and networks allow. By delivering podcast content on an ongoing basis, this makes you a de facto expert and helps you own your category.

Reason 3: Audience Size VS. Competition

Relative to other platforms, such as Facebook or YouTube, podcast publishers have significantly less competition in the form of other podcasts, than would be the case with competing Facebook Pages or YouTube Channels. This is all despite the fact that the audience that actually taps into and consumes podcasts is not only growing, but already massive, with a reported userbase on iTunes alone of 575 million. This imbalance (relative to other outlets) makes for a golden opportunity.

Reason 4: iTunes

iTunes was mentioned in the previous reason, but it cannot be overstated — iTunes is a vast platform with complex and sleek technology supporting it, yet made incredibly simple for users. With Apple constantly updating and improving iTunes, it makes for a powerful publishing platform and partner. Apple also makes it easy to publish a podcast, so you can focus on creating outstanding content and growing your audience.