Facebook has become a major source of targeted traffic and too big of an opportunity for marketing your website to ignore. One of the challenges with growing a Facebook page is that you always have to be actively putting it out there. If you don’t already have a marketing plan that includes specifics on how you’ll siphon some of that Facebook traffic and fans, then this checklist should help you get started.

1) Your Email Signature

Use your email signature to spread the word about your page. Include the Facebook icon or another image to grab some attention and include a call to action telling your contacts why they should like your Facebook page, not just that they should.

2) Link Your Page to Your Facebook Profile

The “about” section of your Facebook profile will get views from people who want to know more about you, what you do, etc. It’s the perfect place to include a link to your Facebook page, yet many people neglect this area.

3) Notify Your List

If you have an email list, not only is it a good idea to include Facebook Like icons in emails that you send, but it’s also a good idea to directly ask your list to like your page. Another way of leveraging your list is by sending them to your page for content, such as video, audio, images or an article you’ve posted on your Facebook page.

4) Use Your Website

Your website can be a great source for generating Facebook fans, by adding a social plugin. There are a number of different, easy to integrate plugins, such as the Like Button, Follow Button, Subscribe Button and Recommendation Button. Each plugin does something slightly different, but the ability to connect with Facebook is the most obvious and actionable to build your following.

5) Prompt Likes After Giveaways

If you’re collecting email addresses or other info, consider a call to action to Like your page on the ‘thank you’ page where they end up. If your subscribers begin to associate your page with great free content, there’s a much better chance they’ll pay attention and interact with your page.

6) Use Other Vehicles to Promote

Do you run webinars or teleseminars? Do you blog, podcast or use video marketing? Not only should you be using your Facebook page to get your content out to your audience, but you should use these platforms to tell your audience about the great stuff at your Facebook page and how they can get it by liking your page.