In this article, we’ll go over some more solid strategies for succeeding with Google+ Local. We’ve gone over the basics of creating your listing, and how to write it, and we talked about your website, now, let’s go a little deeper into the art and science of making a Google+ Local listing that gets you on the first page of Google, or ideally, into the A spot.

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Strategy #5: Creating Videos For Your Listing…

Most businesses fail to make simple videos for their business. One great advantage of these, is that unlike the normal listings, these videos CAN be used to advertise your business, just like little commercials. You can hire someone to do video creation for you, relatively cheaply, OR, you can create the video yourself. Creating these videos yourself isn’t actually as difficult as you think it might be, there are several sites which will allow you to do this quickly and easily.

These aren’t cheesey looking videos either, but professional-looking videos which you can be proud to display on your listing, your site, or wherever else. Animoto ( for example, allows you to create amazing videos that are 30 seconds long (or less) absolutely free. Any video you use will make Google more likely to rank you higher in Google+ Local, but on top of that, you should be using images as well. Images of your business, employees, product, (anything other than stock photos, ideally) is a great addition to your listing, and Google will reward you for having these, so always make sure to add them.


Strategy #6: Get Reviews… The More The Merrier.

Regardless of what type of local business you have, whether it’s a physical store, or you go to your customers directly… you should be asking everyone who’s satisfied with your product (or your work) to leave a review for you on your Google+ Local listing. Of course, there are people who can fake these for you, but Google is getting better and better at spotting these, and that’s another way you can get your account banned, so make sure your reviews are 100% legitimate. It’s not as hard to get these as you think… if you do a good job, people appreciate it, and so all you have to do is tell them how easy it is to leave a review, and then just ask for it (remember? ask for the sale). It’s that easy. Not many people do this, so if you’re one of the few people who actually does it, you’ll have more reviews than your competitors in no time, and since you’re asking satisfied customers to leave you reviews, your reviews will most likely be very positive, which will help you rank higher as well. Often, it’s the business with the most reviews, and best reviews that’s put into the A spot, so absolutely make sure to do this.

Local Reviews

Strategy #7: Be Personable, Be Active…

Many people have accounts on Google+ these days. You should be interfacing with these people, and interacting with them through this channel as often as possible, because this is something else that Google looks for to determine who should be in the first spot of Google+ Local. If you have the a lot of excellent reviews, AND on top of that, you have a very active profile, Google will reward you for it… Why? Because Google wants people to interact through their site, and they want to make it look like these Google+ Local accounts are very active, and the best way to make them appear active, is to show the most active ones at the very top, and the least active ones will usually be at the bottom, and typically not even on the first page… but buried deep within the listings.

On top of that, this is just generally a great place to interact with your customers, and build social proof. Get some discussions going, share deals, get some opinions… there’s a ton of great things you can use Google+ to do. Giving special deals specifically to people who interface with you on Google+ is a great will encourage people who aren’t even active on Google+ to start interfacing with you there. The more conversations you can spark between your business and your customer base, naturally, the more active your profile be, and you might be surprised at how quickly Google takes notice.

There are several strategies here to help improve your place on Google+ Local, and if you implement them all, you’re nearly guaranteed a spot on the first page of Google (though seniority does play a factor, so it might take some time). Regardless, make sure to implement all of them, because the more you actually implement, the better your chances will be of attaining that coveted A spot. Good luck!