There are more than 200 million active Twitter users and counting, as the network continues it’s growth. For this reason, building a following in this thriving social community has grown to be more and more necessary for webmasters and online business owners.So how do you begin? Using these eight suggestions will assist the Twitter newbie progress into a seasoned user while also growing business presence online.

1. Connect and Communicate

The 140 character limit usually makes businesses overlook how the foundation of an effective social presence is interacting with prospects and customers. Resist the temptation to sell and think of how you can provide value and build relationships on Twitter, instead.

2. Use But Don’t Abuse Hashtags

Endlessly browsing Twitter can be a misuse of your energy and time. Alternatively, dedicate your time focusing on trends that relate to your website and utilize data as a resource. Twitter’s search function plus popular trends found on Twitter are a fantastic tool for webmasters which could be leveraged to boost the value of your tweets. Tap into the conversation on trending topics to showcase your brand to a fresh group of Twitter users engaged in the market.

3. Stay on Top of the Market

Be certain to keep an eye on} your competition. Strategic alliances can grow your following by teaming up with one another, by simply mentioning each other and conversing. Keeping tabs on your competitors will help you stay on top of new products, services and innovations in the market.

4. Use Visual Media

As Twitter promotes itself generally being a quick content platform, it really makes an effective place for visual campaigns and content. Share intriguing photographs to grab the attention of your followers.

5. Brevity for Effectiveness

Quick tweets, typically those which are around one hundred characters or less, lead to added engagement. Keep it focused, interactive and concise.

6. Ask For The Retweet

Simply asking for a retweet or including the word “retweet’ significantly increases the odds that your content gets shared. Be sure to leave enough room for someone to retweet your content.

7. Stay Consistent

As opposed to other sites, a Twitter user’s profile is dynamic and updates in real-time with the user’s activity. Followers have come to expect regular and consistent tweets, and with many different 3rd party tools available to schedule and manage tweets, there’s no excuse for a dormant profile.

8. Solicit Feedback

Twitter’s simple yet interactive nature makes it a great place to ask for and receive valuable feedback from your followers and other users. Get your brand known and find out ways to improve your business directly from those prospective customers on Twitter.