A few weeks back, Facebook announced that they would be unveiling the embed functionality. At that time, they only made the functionality available to a few specific high profile pages, like the New York Times. Well, now Facebook embeds are officially available to all Facebook users.

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Facebook Spreads Through the Web


While it might be easy to brush this off as a minor additional function, in actuality this is a significant moment for Facebook. Facebook is now positioned to create a footprint throughout the web external to Facebook.com.


Now Facebook can become a legitimate source of news, similar to the way that Twitter is used. That said, Facebook has many fewer limitations than Twitter simply because it does not have a self imposed character limit. Additionally, Facebook is well beyond twice the size of Twitter in regards to number of users. Also, the number of active users who actually post content is much higher than Twitter users.


Going Public


This move is part of a marked shift by Facebook, since going public, where Facebook has gone from a closed social network to a much more open network. The reason for this is fairly simple is Facebook can take over more of the Internet, and become an integral part of your web experience across sites, across platforms regardless of whether you’re on Facebook or not.


How-to Leverage Facebook Embeds

This news is not just exciting for the sake of Facebook or of news outlets, but you should be thinking about how you can immediately leverage Facebook’s in bed functionality. Something that should become fairly popular very soon is the idea of curated Facebook content. You can create a blog post of the best Facebook post related to any given topic. With the breath and gap of coverage for virtually everything that happens on Facebook, it could overnight turn into the top source of curated content on the Internet.

Also, another Facebook function to adds your website that will go nicely with curated content is any other type of Facebook plug-in such as Facebook comments Facebook connect, or otherwise. By making your blog or website Facebook friendly, you’re simply creating more opportunities to create Facebook referral traffic and viral Facebook content.

Only time will tell if Facebook embeds have the impact that is expected and how that may turn Facebook into an even more important thread of the Internet’s fiber. Just remember that the early adopter and innovators are the ones that see opportunity and take bold steps.