Giving away a free download (also known as opt in offer) in exchange for an email address has been a frequent method that web site owners have employed for many many years. Let’s talk about five important factors in creating your free offer.

1. Your Free Offer Must be of High Quality and Offer Value

When you’re deciding what you should offer for free, it’s important that you consider what type of value that the offer provides to your consumer. If you offer too much, your user has no reason to buy anytime soon.

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On the other hand, if you offer too little, you may lose credibility. So the goal is balance. You may have heard the analogy before (perhaps even by me), but a good opt in offer should be like a good appetizer at a restaurant. Not enough to fill you up, but enough to get your mouth watering.

To decide what will do that, you should try and go with a mid-level price range item that you could legitimately sell for a profit otherwise.

2. Leave Room for an Up Sell With the Free Download or Offer

Another reason you don’t want to use an offer that is too valuable is because it leaves you little or no room for up selling. Your goal with the offer is to convert. Sure, providing value and helping people should always be in your mind, if you don’t also have conversion in mind you simply won’t convert.

That said, make sure there are at least a couple of calls to action in your opt in offer. Even if they aren’t directly related to sales, you want to try and funnel your users into a sale offer at some stage.

3. It Must Be Eye Catching and Enticing

It’s not enough to have a good opt in offer in today’s market. People aren’t seeing the whole thing at first. You need to solve a problem and entice your users. When you’re considering what to offer, make sure it’s something too tempting to miss out on.

Even though you’re not making direct income on your free offer, you will be funneling, so market it as you would a product that you’re planning to sell.

4. Be Sure the Offer is in Direct Relation to Your Brand

If this one isn’t obvious, it’s thoroughly important that your offer is directly related to the products and services that are part of your catalogue.

When it comes to your opt in offer, you’re trying to spark a conversation about something that ultimately is going to help others and make you money. For an exaggerated example, creating an opt in offer about gardening isn’t likely to get you a lot of leads for your “How to clean viruses off your PC” eBook.

5. Effective Promotion of the Free Download is Key

The last and definitely not least note to make about your opt in offer is the promotion. As said earlier, you may not make money from the “sale” of your opt in offer – but those leads are priceless.

Market your opt in offer the same way you would market any other product, including having it’s own landing page. It may seem like a lot of work up front but it’s certainly going to pay off in the long term, provided you “treat your list right.”