When you’re deciding what your web site should look like, choosing a color scheme is often more important than people realize. Your color scheme says a lot about what your brand stands for and can even make a large difference in the behavior of your customer. Infographics like How Colors Affect Conversions and and Purchases have been released based on studies that specifically discuss the importance of color schemes on everything from site likability to conversions.

According to the infographic regarding conversions linked to above, more people hold visual appearance at significantly higher importance than anything else. In fact, 85% of shoppers selected “Colors” as the reason that they buy an item.

If you’re hiring a designer, they may complete this process for you. However, it’s always good to do your research before you proceed with a selection. Know your options and if you have a preference, let your designer know so that they can help you with it.

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Determine the Signals That Your Colors are Sending

Every color is sending a psychological message whether intended or not. There are three main types of buyers, and each buyer has three colors that trigger them the most. This can be verified pretty easily when you look at product packaging in your local stores. Consider the colors used in the checkout line at your grocery store for example and see if they match the colors for impulse buyers depicted below.

  • Impulse Shoppers: Warm colors like red orange, black, and even the cool royal blue.
  • Shoppers on a Budget: Navy blue, teal.
  • Traditional Buyers: Pink, Sky blue, Rose.

That’s not all, either. Each color can be applied to different events and products to create the feeling you want to see in your consumers. Some of the main colors you should consider are:

  • Red: Energy, Urgency. Great for sales!
  • Blue: Trust and Security.
  • Black: Sleek, luxury items.

Some of you might recall a stand up comedy show with Bill Cosby which made great use of colors meant to affect the mood of the watcher.

See these and other color statistics on this infographic from KISS Metrics.

Tools to Help Find a Color Scheme to Use for Your Designs

As with anything artistic, there are some guidelines you can follow if you don’t naturally have an eye for color. For example, colors interact differently with each other. You can find colors that complement each other with color scheme tools, and sometimes even find pre-made color schemes to use for your web site.

Color scheme tools of the trade:

  • ColorSchemeDesigner.com provides an awesome tool to look up color schemes based on which type of relationship you want the colors to have with each other (complement, triad, tetrad, etc). What’s better is they provide the colors in a sleek and cohesive style, and even provide you with the hex codes. Even better, this resource allows you to preview layouts utilizing your chosen color schemes.
  • ColourLovours is a great option if you’re looking for premade colors and premade patterns with already put together color schemes.
  • Design Seeds provides you with color schemes based on beautiful images for inspiration.

All of these tools combined should make it very simple for you to come up with a color combination that perfectly fits your brand and brand goals.