As you grow your brand, every possible opportunity to get out there and get seen is a good thing. Your story is your best friend, and the more press you get, the more free traffic you get. For many entrepreneurs, press has really been the catalyst for huge changes in their business.

Getting press requires that you pitch yourself when you can to news outlets. You should attempt to create connections and be featured where you’re relevant and before you call yourself an expert – have someone else call you an expert first (unless you can pull it off!).

press kit

If you don’t know the first thing about getting press, believe me when I say you’re not alone. The first step you should take, is devising a press kit and putting it on your website. Why? Because this is how people will know you’re available for press and sometimes how they will determine whether you’re a good piece for their news or not.

Just Like Everything Else, Appearance Matters

There are a ton of free and paid press kit creators out there. However, it’s important to keep in mind that appearance matters. People care about that stuff and the better your kit looks, the more likely you are to get booked for big news releases, blog posts, or featured stories.

So what should it look like, and how can you make it rock? Aside from browsing other peoples kits online to find ideas, you can also use press kit creation tools like PressKit () or you can make your own. Think simple, clean, and efficient. This is basically a resume for your business and completely virtual.

What Should be Included on Your Press Kit?

Because your media kit is going to be the face of your brand for important people, it’s important that you have all of the highlights of your “career” (or, your brand’s career) on the page as well as examples of your work, perhaps a photo, and some places you’ve been featured.

Additionally, you might include prices for things like sponsored posts, advertisements, etc. and list what press is available on your site for others to take advantage of as well.

Professional Media Kit Ingredients List

I want to talk a little bit about exactly what you’re going to need to get your press kit started and how you can make something that completely rocks, so here’s our ingredient list:

  • Your brand logo and a professional looking snapshot
  • Interesting photos of your site, content, etc.
  • Features: Things you post regularly, subject matter, etc. (list)
  • Statistics including page views per month, average page views in the last three months, traffic sources, unique visitors, etc.
  • Subscribers to your RSS Feed, Mailing list, etc.

If you don’t have any fancy numbers to show off, that’s okay. Pick things that your blog does have to offer and showcase them.

Sections of Your Media Kit

Your introduction should be a bio about yourself / your brand that is brief and effective. Make it count, explain why you’re awesome without saying, “Hey! I’m awesome.”

Present your statistics and reach in the best light possible. Share what it is you do have to offer the reader and how your brand can help theirs.

Have your policies and guidelines for sponsorship laid out clearly and effectively.

Gather testimonials written by your clients, your readers, your fans, and anyone else that counts! Show the reader that you’ve been a success in the past.