You might have an excellent product and a stellar website generating a lot of leads, but what are you doing to foster them and turn them into regular customers? The leads you nurture become more than one-time buyers. They turn into followers, keeping up to date with the things you do, giving you valuable feedback, spreading the word and even generating more leads for you. Keeping all of this in mind, not every seller wants to dedicate time to lead fostering, and many simply don’t have that time. After all, you have to continue working on your product, marketing and selling it, releasing updates and running your day-to-day business operations, among other things.

This is where freelancers come in. You can use their help to do a lot more than you could have done on your own, and the fact that there is no overhead cost in hiring them means that you can also do all the lead nurturing tasks a lot cheaper than you could have done with a traditional team working in the office. Here are just some of the things freelancers can do to help you in your lead fostering process.

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Gather Feedback from Leads

The first step to winning the trust of your leads and developing an ongoing relationship with them is to understand what their needs are and target those specific needs. To do this, have your freelancers create a survey to see what your leads really want. Some of the popular tools for this are SurveyMonkey, KwikSurveys and Polldaddy. Some of the survey questions could be how satisfied your customers are with the product, how they found out about you, and what new services or updates to current products they would like to see.

Manage Communications

Delegate a lot of your communication tasks to freelancers with good writing skills. Have them set up email autoresponders to automate your communication process even further. You might want to get an autoresponder for situations when customers file support tickets or contact customer service. An automated message will let them know that their query has been received and is being processed. The freelancers can also set up automated receipts and thank you messages going out to customers who bought the product. Some other good ideas for automated emails include client birthdays, welcome messages and follow-ups on product purchases or issues. You can also have a freelancer send broadcast emails to your network of leads, announcing bug fixes, updates and new product releases. MailChimp and ConstantContact are some good tools for that.

Deliver Valuable Free Content

Generating great content is one of the most important steps you can take in fostering your leads, and there are plenty of freelancers out there who’ll be willing to do that for you. They can write articles on industry-related subjects, news briefs or opinion features, product reviews and more. You can also hire someone to create SlideShare presentations on your product’s features or just informational presentations on topics your leads can relate to. SlideShare is an extremely popular marketing tool these days, and its presentations do very well in search engines. Free webinars are another feature your customers will love. Have a freelancer set one up for you, either teaching the customers how to use the product, or giving them tips and advice in your area of expertise. Instructional and informational videos are a great tool as well, and you can have freelancers post them on YouTube or even make them for you.

When it comes to content, there are several stages that your leads will go through, and it’s important that you deliver the information that is valuable for that particular stage. For example, on the beginning they are more likely to appreciate educational information, while later on in the sales process it is better to provide content that is solution-based.

Don’t forget about the power that blogging has on lead nurturing. Have several freelancers write your blog posts and hire one to edit the blog, coming up with post ideas, assigning them to others, organizing the materials, publishing them and adding media content. Every time your blog has a fresh post, it will remind your leads about your product or service, and show search engines that your website is constantly active, resulting in higher ranking.

Run Your Social Media

Hire a freelancer to run your social media campaigns. Look for someone who is already very active in the social media world and has developed large networks of their own. The freelancer should be able to post daily updates on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, increase your following and follow your leads back, to show your interest in a mutual business relationship. The person in charge of your social media campaign should also keep an eye on what your competition is doing and provide you with regular updates. Social networking sites can be a great place to obtain this kind of information. When your leads get added to your contact list and get quick responses to their comments and questions on your social media pages, they will get a sense that you pay attention to their needs, and will be more likely to stay in touch and buy your product.

Run Your Newsletter

Find a freelancer to run your newsletter for you. This can include everything from writing articles to formatting to maintaining contact database to sending it out to subscribers. Have this person be in charge of adding new subscriptions to the list, researching interesting topics, actively promoting the newsletter and seeking new subscribers. A regular publication will ensure constant communication with your leads, will help you further develop their trust and strengthen your position as an expert in your field. Helpful insights, tips and interesting stories about your industry all make for good newsletter content. Once again, MailChimp will come very handy for newsletters, or you can go with other programs like SendBlaster, Campaign Monitor or MyNewsletterBuilder.

Keep Track of Decision Makers

Get a freelancer to keep track of the major decision makers among your leads. Since this is a particularly important part of the lead nurturing process, you might want to participate in it yourself as well, but there are still certain things that you can get help with. A freelancer can create a separate newsletter or broadcast email for decision makers alone, or contact them directly asking for feedback and testimonials. This type of an individualized approach tends to bring great results when it comes to turning your leads into regular customers.

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