Facebook ads are an incredible thing when you consider how finely targeted they can be when specifying your demographics. For businesses, this is a miraculous breakthrough that could not have been fathomed just a few short years ago. Unfortunately, many businesses have not taken advantage of Facebook advertising, often simply due to lack of awareness and know-how.


Recently, Facebook has launched their Business Hub, which serves to be a resource to businesses to assist them in utilizing the social media platform for advertising. Facebook’s Business Hub features information, tools and even cites example case studies to learn best practices and how to both measure and make the most out of their Facebook advertising dollars.

Made For Newbies

Facebook appears to be targeting businesses who have not used their ads before, as it goes back to basics on everything from creating and setting up a Business Page, to suggestions and ideas for creating engaging content, as well as understanding Insights to grasp the company’s performance on Facebook. And while that information is included, the real aim for Facebook is to make advertising simple and easy, by providing the support and information to remove the mystery from it.

Taking It to the Next Level

While the fundamentals are well covered in Facebook’s Business Hub, they do dive into higher level training, which includes improving conversions on ads, boosting brand awareness and generating offline results from online Facebook Ads. The training library inside the hub includes plenty of video and tackles mobile marketing and Facebook apps.

Proving the Case Through Case Studies

One of the most useful areas of the Business Hub is the case studies that they make available to users. While case studies are great, they’re usually somewhat limited. This is where Facebook recognized that businesses would want to see business situations that they could relate with. Facebook addressed this by including a very deep and wide collection of case studies that dig into various different industry verticals, case studies by type of ad campaign, by product type, size of business, etc. This is an impressive area of the Business Hub that seems to appeal to those businesses that have some hesitancy, giving them the proof of how well Facebook marketing and advertising can perform for them.

Education to Empower Business Advertisers

By all accounts, the Facebook Business Hub is a major improvement upon their last attempt at a resource to advertisers, which didn’t go nearly as deep or basic as the Hub is. The education process is one that should empower the business advertisers and allow them to tap into marketing intelligence that simply was not attainable prior to Facebook. While the end goal for Facebook is to get more advertisers, there is pretty good evidence that many of those who spend ad dollars will actually see a return on investment.