The versatility with HootSuite doesn’t just expand to setting up awesome scheduled posts and creating an easy way for your team to ban together to get stuff done. Hootsuite also features thorough and easy to use analytic reports that help you gauge your engagement and improve based on real statistics, not just guess work.

hootsuite custom report builder

A lot of businesses spend the first few months throwing paint at the wall. Hootsuite allows you to make adjustments and improvements quickly and efficiently; perhaps most importantly, with proof. These analytics can also be merged with Google Analytics allowing you to check your conversion rates.

All of the insights and analytics you have in your reports, can also be viewed from your HootSuite dashboard, but the reports are a great option because you can have them emailed to your every so often to keep up to date with your performance.

Some of the Types of Analytics and Data You Have Available to You in HootSuite

Facebook Insights

Including your Facebook insights is basically like including the stats that you have in your Facebook admin page in you weekly social report.

Ultimately, you will be told in an easy streamlined way how your fans, likes, page activity, and comments have changed in the last week or so. You can also monitor where the improvement or changes are coming from demographically. The best part? You can see how these have changed over time and look for trends!

Google Analytics in Your Dashboard

With the Google Analytics feature, you can review all of the traffic data and Google statistics within your HootSuite dashboard or have it included in your weekly report.

Twitter Profile Stats

Similar to the Facebook Insights, this is going to give you a rundown of your new likes, retweets, click throughs, the keywords you’re listed for and more. This also gives you great audience demographics.

If you use these stats in combination with your stats you can find out which sales pitch type phrasing worked for click-throughs – this is an awesome way to develop phrasing to use in Facebook and Twitter ads. Statistics

One of my favorite stats and probably the one I use most are the stats which explain how many click throughs your links received, where they came from, and which links were most popular.

As mentioned earlier you can use this in combination with your Twitter and Facebook stats to find out what phrasing sells. Before you run an ad, try posting it on social media several times (spread out – not all in one day) and see what the engagement is like. Then, you can decide what copy is best to use for you paid ad.

Team and Company Stats

HootSuite allows you to setup teams and organize things really well. You can assign tasks, deny / approve posts on behalf of your staff, and more. This report is great because it tells you how your organization is performing and what work is getting accomplished.

Setting up Your Custom Report

The report feature of HootSuite is unique because it works in modules that you can combine and configure to give you the information you really need.