As a marketer you rely on your social accounts a great deal. They help to drive eyeballs to your content, but what do you do if you get banned or better yet how do you avoid getting banned?

1 Don’t Post Only Your Own Links

Twitter Hashtag Ban Social Media Strategy

As with all social media sites, don’t be selfish, share other peoples content. Reddit is enforcing this very strictly and doesn’t even allow you to post your own links all the time. Reddit has a 9:1 ratio. Twitter is not that “greedy”.

Twitter will allow posting your own links only, but will ban you from using hashtags if you overdo it.

Stumbleupon will also not inform you and will outright ghostban you and your sites.

Conclusion: Share content from other accounts that you find relevant, useful.

2 When Using Multiple Accounts, Don’t Cross Post

So you post links not only to one account but to multiple? No-go. You will get ghost-banned. No more hashtags for you.

3 Spammy Links / Downvotes

Posting links with a lot of negative feedback? Ghostbanned.

Avoid posting links to content that purely exists to create money (affiliate campaigns, etc.)

4 Don’t Be Irrelevant

Posting LOLcats using hashtag #Obama or #WashingtonDC – you got it, ghostbanned.

Start posting relevant content and use relevant hashtags.

5 Don’t Automate Stuff

Under certain circumstances you can get banned for automated posting. Although Hootsuite and Co are whitelisted for Twitter and Co, they can still get you banned if you keep hammering Twitter.

As a rule of thumb only post 2-3 tweets at once and make sure it doesn’t cross any of those critical spam barriers (like 30+ updates in 1 hour).

6 Help, I Got Ghost-Banned – What Now?

Clear your account, unlink any automation tools like Hootsuite, remove spammy entries, post content of other people, THEN try creating an advertiser account, spend some money like 20 bucks and then call their support asking to unban you.

This is all you can do. Didn’t work?

Off you go, create a new account, use the old one for your followers only (your posts will appear in their timelines, but you wont appear on hashtag pages)

The new account will adhere strictly to the rules outlined above. Gain a small following and you will quickly see that the traffic you get from hashtags is often far higher than that of your actual followers.

There you go, a fresh new social media strategy that you can deploy today and get more eyeballs to your content.