In order for your website or online business to grow and generate a healthy profit, you need more than just an audience, but a pipeline of targeted prospects. The good news is that while list building does take some effort, the work you put in can yield important results for a long time to come.

Take a look at seven ways to crank out additional prospects without having to spend lots of money.

1. Video Marketing Works

Produce a compelling video and share it onYoutube and your website. At the video page, make an offer for an additional video in return for their email address.

2. Condition Your List

As soon as you’ve leveraged a fresh lead’s power to pass on your information for you,put them to the test: make an offer to them immediately. Buyers are your most valuable asset long term, and a cash influx will help in the short term.

3. Don’t Miss Opportunities

Please be certain you don’t ignore methods to crank out prospects which can be low cost and even free.Think little things, like email signature.

4. Quality of Over Quantity

I know just a few several years ago, you could offer practically any giveaway piece as an  incentive for those to subscribe to your list. Simply stating, “Join my newsletter,” would get some results. However the bar has been raised, making it more important to make your offer chalk full of value.

5. Use Marketing Psychology

If there’s a single principal in marketing psychology to focus on, here it is: people desire that which they cannot have. So how are you able to incorporate that into your list building activities?

6. Let the Results Drive

Lead generation is largely a numbers game. So determine uses of that idea to your benefit. Rather than running a solo lead generation campaign, how about creating a few different ones?

7. Be Strategic, Not Opportunistic

As soon as possibilities appear in front of you, constantly be thinking of how you can leverage or repurpose this to produce more of an impact, giving the same effort. Perhaps you have been asked to be interviewed for another blog in your niche. Could you get the rights to convert that interview into a podcast or even a lead generating download for your business? To completely realize the potential of all the opportunities in front of you, you have to think strategically, and long-term.