Facebook has been on a roll recently, with a number of new functions — like Graph Search being rolled out to all users — as well as Embedded Posts and other updates. One of the latest changes is something that has gone a bit under the radar. It’s the new “Pages to Watch” feature and it allows Facebook Page owners to keep an eye on other Pages (i.e. competition.)

What It Does

This new module, which has only been rolled out to a select number of Facebook Pages, is shown in the admin panel. It includes a list of suggestions for Page managers to provide as feedback, in what seems to be a testing phase. It’s unconfirmed whether this module will be rolled out to all pages, or if this is strictly testing, but it’s interesting to see where Facebook is heading with this, nonetheless.

Pages to Watch allows page managers to monitor their competition or other pages to see how they’re performing and what they’re doing. Facebook states that they’ll be providing tips on keeping up with competition, which is congruent with other tools and resources they’ve rolled out recently to make Facebook Pages and Ads easier to learn, understand and manage by business users.

It is worth noting that the pages that are watched do get notifications of this, for what its’ worth. This may be the equivalent of your competitors peaking at your LinkedIn profile and perusing your contacts.

Why This is Significant


This can be very useful to page owners, as allowing for tracking and insight into the performance of competing pages will help them understand how pages are being used and what’s possible. It is unclear what type of tips and info Facebook will be providing to help users “keep up,” but it certainly interesting. This could help to make more pages active. The more value they provide businesses with, the more likely they are to spend resources on Facebook, and ultimately ad dollars.

Missing Pieces / Issues

Since this is being used on a limited basis, as of now, much remains unclear about how this would be used on full scale. The amount and type of support from Facebook on staying competitive with the pages that are being watched is one point. Additionally, how useful the metrics are for the page admins, is another. And will the 5 page limit remain, or be opened up.

What’s Next / What Does This Mean For Facebook’s Future

This is a great indication that Facebook will be pressing hard for businesses to go all in on Facebook. Facebook Ads have finally gotten the Facebook stock to a comfortable place and will obviously play a big role in Facebook’s future. If this means that it will allow businesses to be more effective on the platform, it can be a big win-win scenario.