Do you ever get hit with inspiration for a website project but are unsure if the market will bear it? If you’re like me, this happens to you all the time – if there’s one thing online entrepreneurs aren’t lacking, it’s ideas for websites. But not every scheme has muster, and if you followed through on every one of these ideas, you’d be constantly building duds and go broke quick.

How can you gauge these ideas before spending a bunch of time, money, and energy on them?

Well, one great tool I’ve recently discovered called LaunchRock makes setting up test campaigns a snap. It’s a way to run your idea by the market for free (minus the optional price of a domain name), so you can find out if there’s enough interest in your idea before you move forward.

Lets have a look.

LaunchRock Stats

Note that the statistics are blank, of course, because no traffic has been driven to this test page yet – the blacked out emails are ones I use for testing purposes. But you can see where the data is graphed out for main evangelists.

How can you leverage this? Well, knowing who shared your product most gives you an opportunity to contact those people later on and “recruit” them to spread the message when you decide to go live. One idea is to give these people early access or make them beta testers. Remember, the more involved you can get them with your launch the more likely they’ll share again.

If you leverage these relationships correctly, you can build some real momentum and create a viral campaign.

What Are the Benefits of LaunchRock?

This convenient, free tool allows you to:

– Test your spur-of-the moment ideas, without spending money.
– Start building leads long before your product goes live.
– Gain pre-launch momentum.
– Generate a buzz on social media.
– Identify possible product evangelists you can “recruit” to help your product launch.

It’s not the be-all end-all of viral marketing – you’ll have to drive traffic for it to make any kind of difference – but combined with a well-thought out plan it becomes a great tool in the arsenal. In fact, you might find it’s so easy to test new ideas that you get addicted to throwing bait out and watching what happens.

Have an idea you’ve been itching to test out? Come back and let us know when it goes live.