For anyone looking to generate viewers, capture attention and grow a following, online video simply cannot be ignored anymore.

Instagram’s announcement of their new video-sharing capability put Vine’s popular six-second video sharing service on notice. In what appears to be a battle between the two parent companies — Facebook owns Instagram and Twitter owns Vine — social video, and video marketing, for that matter, are topics of discussion in mainstream news today.

Not Just YouTube

Instagram video

If only one thing is taken out of this development, it’s that video is a big deal. People love video and it’s a tremendous source of traffic. Point 1b on the topic is that while YouTube is a monster and the place to put your videos if you’re looking for traffic, there are other serious sources of views and traffic if you’re using video.

Evolving Demographics Can Be Beneficial

Perhaps the biggest shift that will be seen from Instagram’s new video service is demographics. YouTube is no longer the only game in town for video. At a more granular level, Vine is no longer the only game in town for short, social video. Whether Instagram’s 15 second video disrupts Vine’s user base to an impactful extent remains to be see, but what this most certainly forecasts is that the demographics will shift. Just as very unique demographics for LInkedIn users, professionals and job seekers, as opposed to a more general social network like Facebook, watch as this plays out on the video platforms. You’ll want to target your market wherever they’re spending there time.

Target Your Market and Shoot

Does your target market spend more time on Facebook or Twitter? Facebook users will see more Instagram videos, as the services gains momentum. Twitter users will continue to see a whole lot more Vine videos. Be where your audience is at, and use both platforms if it makes sense.

Vine is already well established and popular, so there’s no need to jump off the ship simply because Instagram opened up the video capability. Vine’s 6 seconds, to Instagram’s 15 may actually be beneficial to Vine, as it makes creating a good video even more challenging due to the time constraint.

One way to take advantage of Instagram’s new video feature is to tie it together to Facebook’s newest feature, hastags. By posting Instagram videos with hastags to Facebook, you stand to generate targeted viewers who are interested in what your site or business offers.

Just when it seemed like video was as big as it could get, we just witnessed it getting even bigger. If you’re not there already, get into video and see more engagement and traffic.