If you aren’t using them yet, you should definitely look into the idea of social sharing tools as a way of boosting your blog’s popularity. There are several applications out there that allow you to reach not only your own social media followers, but also the followers of people you never even interacted with in the past. When it comes to getting quick and easy retweets, the apps that are worth mentioning are JustRetweet, EasyRetweet and Triberr. They have a similar idea behind them, although each one of these social sharing platforms brings something unique to the table. And while using them all might take up too much of your time, here’s a quick overview of all three to help you decide which app is the best fit for your needs.



JustRetweet is a highly successful Twitter app that’s used and recommended by some of the most prominent names in the blogging world. It is free and easy to use, and registration only takes a minute by simply linking your Twitter account to the program. JustRetweet uses credits as its currency, and you get 100 of them for free upon joining. You can use your credits to pay other users for retweeting your posts, liking them on Facebook or adding a Google plus one. Members are able to set the value of each post, or how many credits they want to pay to people who share it. Additionally, they can set a credit amount limit for any given post. For instance, if you want to spend 50 credits and pay 10 credits per retweet, other users will no longer see an option to share your post after five retweets have been reached.

You will run out of your initial credit supply pretty soon, but JustRetweet makes it easy to get more. You can earn credits by retweeting or liking other people’s posts, or you can buy credit packages if you’d rather not spend any time browsing the site for interesting posts to share. If you prefer earning credits, you can use categories or keywords to quickly find posts to like and retweet. The website gets moderated for spam, but you might still run into a promotional post or a sales pitch here and there.

One of the great things about JustRetweet is that it’s pretty much as simple as the app can be. There is no learning curve involved, and you can start sharing your tweets seconds after joining and be no less successful than people who’ve been using it for a while.



EasyRetweet is similar to JustRetweet in that it uses a credit system to create a platform for social sharing. There are few differences, though. EasyRetweet allows its users to earn credits not only for retweeting, but also for following other members and viewing their sites. You start off with 25 retweet credits and 5 follow credits, and can earn more by retweeting posts, following other members or browsing sites. You can also purchase additional credits to your follow account or earn more credits by referring new members. In addition to your Twitter account, you can also add your blog’s RSS feed to EasyRetweet, and have others users retweet your blog posts as soon as they are published.

EasyRetweet also has a Twitter-related article section that provides news, tutorials, reviews and other useful information. Once you sign up to be a member, you can start publishing your own articles on the EasyRetweet site, creating an additional source of traffic to your site or blog. The app allows users to advertise on its site as well.

Unlike JustRetweet, EasyRetweet has some prerequisites for joining – you must have at least 60 Twitter followers and your Twitter account has to be more than one month old. In comparison to JustRetweet, EasyRetweet concentrates on Twitter alone, without the option to share your posts via other social media channels. On the upside, its option to earn and spend credits on website browsing allows to cut out the social media promotion step altogether and get direct traffic to your blog. While EasyRetweet has a few more features to choose from as compared to JustRetweet, the app is still very easy to use and you won’t have to spend too much time learning the ropes.



Triberr is a somewhat more complex app as compared to the above two, and involves a bit of a learning curve for people who want to make the most out of it. Triberr uses groups called tribes to bring together people who blog in the same niches or are interested in the same topics. You can either get invited to join other tribes or create your own. Members of your tribe will then use their own social networks to share and retweet your posts. Triberr uses RSS feeds to automatically display your fresh content in the streams of your tribe mates. Besides Twitter, you can also get your content shared on other popular social media platforms, such as Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, Reditt and StumbleUpon.

Similarly to the other two apps, Triberr also has credits you can earn and spend, but here they are called bones. You need to spend bones to invite new members to your tribe. Unlike JustRetweet and EasyRetweet, though, it is a lot harder to actually earn bones, so in most cases you will have to buy them. You can still try to earn some by giving other users thumbs up and thumbs down in different places around the website, which Triberr refers to as giving Karma. But the app developers admit that earning bones is a rare occurrence.

You can only have one account, and your account can support up to three Twitter profiles and three RSS feeds. Triberr’s main goal is to create communities of like-minded bloggers. The idea is that people are more likely to support each other if they are interested in the same subject areas. The app gives you an opportunity to build a strong network and significantly increase your traffic, but this will most likely come at a cost.

All three apps have some great things to offer to people who use them, and which one you choose will depend on your needs, preferences and budget. One way or another, though, you shouldn’t be missing out on the social sharing trend as a great way to quickly increase your blog traffic.