One of the best ways to make money online, is to create AdSense sites. These are basically just sites that you put Google Adsense on, which allows Google to display ads on your site, and then, when people click on these ads, since they’re buying ads on a CPC (cost per click) basis, you’ll get a certain percentage of the ad revenue from each and every click (and of course Google will get a percentage also). These are fantastic little sites, because while most ways of making money online do require you to put in a lot of up-front work before you even START to see some income come in on auto-pilot, owning sites that generate their income from AdSense is literally 100% auto-pilot right out of the gate. You just leave the site there, and people will come from the search engines like Google, or elsewhere, and when they click on your ads, Google will then send you a check in the mail for these clicks. Simple.

Technique #1: Choose High CPC Keywords

The first technique to ensuring that you make the most amount of money with your AdSense sites, is to make sure that you’re choosing keywords that people are willing to spend a lot of money on to have their advertisements displayed on a website related to that keyword. Too many people make the error of choosing keywords that simply don’t get the job done, because no one’s willing to pay for them. So, you want to focus solely on keywords that have a higher CPC. If people are paying more for their clicks, you’re making more for those clicks, it’s that simple. Very “business” related keywords, such as keywords related to investing in the stock market or Forex, for example, tend to do very well and be very high CPC. The trick here is to build sites around these expensive keywords… but how do you find out which keywords are the most expensive?

The simple way is to just use a tool like the Google Keyword Tool, or Market Samurai. These tools will tell you the average CPC of each keyword. Do a little research and you can find some keywords that have $20+ EPC’s, and if you can get some traffic to keywords like this, you’ll be making a fortune. You don’t just have to target short, difficult keywords either, you can also target longer-tail keywords, and still make a good deal of money. It all depends on what you’re looking to do, but, if you want to be able to make a few sites that quickly rank, and quickly start generating you revenue, then going for high CPC long-tail keywords is an excellent strategy.


While you can make a little extra money occasionally by putting a few ads below the fold, there’s not NEARLY as much money in it as with the above the fold ads. ATF ads simply get WAY more clicks than BTF ads, probably because when people do click on an ad, they usually do it BEFORE engaging in the content of the page. So, by the time they see the ads below the fold, they’re probably already engaged, and it’s too late to get the click. So, case in point, make sure the vast majority, if not all, of your ad placements, are placed above the fold, so that people never have to scroll down to see them.